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1 year in the Los Rodriguez Mansion

Javi and I have been in our lovely little house in South Inglewood, East Nashville for a year! We closed on the house last April 1 and moved in little by little over the next month. A week after we signed on the house Javi and I drove down to visit my aunt Jane and uncle Bruce in Mobile, AL and loaded up a 24ft Penske truck full of furniture from my great grandmother Virginia who had recently passed away. If you know us, you know we love being able to use anything related to the family in our house (art, furniture, etc.) so it was really such an amazing thing to get these items right when we moved in. Almost all the furniture in our house is from Virginia and Jane and Bruce – and our house couldn’t be any cozier! Javi and I had so much fun driving in that Penske truck too…it’s truly the best way to travel! There was so much room and Javi loved feeling like the king of the road in such a huge truck. Javi y yo hemos estado en nuestra amorosa casita en South Inglewood, en el Este de Nashville por 1 ano! Compramos la casa en Abril y nos mudamos al las pocas semanas. Una semana despues de firmar el contrato de compra, Javier y yo fuimos a visitar a mis tios Jane y Bruce en Mobile, Alabama y cargamos un camion de 24 pies lleno de muebles de mi bisabuela Virginia que habia fallecido recientemente. Si nos conoces, sabes que nos encanta poder usar cualquier cosa relacionada a la familia en nuestra casa (arte, muebles, etc…) asi que fue un regalo impresionante poder tener estos articulos justo cunado nos mudabamos. Casi todos los muebles de nuestra casa son de Virginia y Jane y Bruce – y la casa no puede ser mas comoda! Javier y yo lo pasamos muy bien manejando el camion tambien…es la mejor manera de viajar! Teniamos tanto espacio y Javier estaba feliz siendo el rey del camino en tremendo camion.

One year ago today – moving in!

a photo with Marcie – our amazing realtor and friend who helped us find the perfect house! This was right after we signed. 

The first major things we did to the house were to cut down a gigantic, dying tree in the front yard and set up the fence and cut down another dying tree in the backyard. To set up the fence, we also had to remove a 117ft line of hedges that separated our yard from our neighbors-  it was backbreaking work for an entire weekend but we were so proud that we did it!! We even broke a pick axe each – I have to admit I felt pretty tough when that happened! The week after we got the tree out in the front a HUGE storm came through our neighborhood and ripped up trees all over the place – we were pretty lucky to get that tree out in time because it was leaning right over our house! One of the last things we did to the exterior of the house was to screen in the front porch. El primer cambio importante que le hicimos a la casa fue cortar un tremendo arbol que estaba muriendo en nuestro jardin del frente y poner una reja y cortar otro arbol en el patio de atras. Para poner la reja, tuvimos que sacar (de raiz) 35 metros de arbustos que separaban nuestro patio con el del vecino – fueun trabajo  rompe-lomo durante todo un fin de semana pero nos orgullecio haberlo completado!! Incluso quebramos un par de picotas cada uno – tengo que admitir que me senti muy ponderosa despues que eso paso! La semana siguiente, luego de sacar el arbol, una ENORME tormenta paso por nuestro vecindario y saco varios arboles de raiz en el area – tuvimos suerte de haber sacado el arbol a tiempo porque estaba inclinado hacia la casa! Una de las ultimas cosas que hicimos al extrerior de la casa fue pornerle malla al porch del frente.

with the tree

The photo above is of the backyard before we removed the hedges (on the left) and the dead tree and put in the fence.

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile you know by now that our most recent projects on the house have been on the interior. We painted, turned the guest room into an office and the old office into a gigantic pantry. We’ve arranged and rearranged the furniture a hundred times, but the house is always perfect. It’s always the right size for the two of us, it’s in the perfect neighborhood with Riverside Village to the right and the Pied Piper to the left of our front door. We’ve got organizations like East C.A.N. on our side if anything should ever happen to our doggos, and an awesome community all around. I can’t believe it’s been a year already! We love our Los Rodriguez Mansion! Si lees el blog regularmente sabes los cambios que hemos hecho al interior de la casa. Pintamos, transformamos la pieza de alojados en oficina y la Antigua oficina en despensa. Hemos cambiado las configuracion de los muebles cientos de veces, pero la casa es siempre perfecta. Es siempre el espacio perfecto para nosotros dos, en el vecindario perfecto, con Riverside Village a la derecha y Pied Piper a la izquierda. Tenemos organizaciones como East C.A.N. en las cercanias en caso que algo le pase a los perros, y una comunidad genial por donde se mire. No puedo creer que ya ha sido 1 ano! Amamos la Mansion Rodriguez!

Here are some links to our projects on the house over the past year:

Aqui van algunos projectos que hemos hecho en la casa durante el ultimo ano:

We redid the walkway / Rehicimos el sendero de entrada

We painted the living room / Pintamos el living

We put up some stuff on the wall / Pusimos cosas en las murallas

We redid the office / Rehicimos la oficina

We created a giant pantry / Creamos una despensa gigante

We screened in our front porch  / Pusimos malla al porch del frente 

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  1. What a nice story “The Rodriguez Mansion”. How cute. We have a name for our house too. Actually we had a name for our first house, “The Pinky House” and now we live in the “Yellow house”. At first I didn’t want to read your story because it looked very lengthy but to my surprised the second column was in Spanish. Wow! Good on ya! My spelling in Spanish is terrible so I just don’t write it. The Rodriguez Mansion is huge. The yard is enormous and everything looks so green. We live in Australia and unless it rains, our grass doesn’t look green. I really enjoyed reading your adventure. See you soon. Cecilia

    • Hi Cecilia! Thanks for reading! I know – the posts do look really long because of the Spanish! We used to write without columns and the posts looked too long so we figured out how to do the columns to make it a little better. So glad you liked the story of our house! Sounds like your houses are colorful…I’m jealous – no houses here have any color at all. Take care!

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