Just the Two of Us

Javi and I are taking full advantage of the time we have left together as a family of 2 (plus three dogs) before Penelope arrives. Everyone has warned us (and warned us…and warned us…and told us….and reiterated to us…) that we won’t get out as a couple for a while after our little bundle o’ joy arrives, so we’re living on whims and last minute plans while that’s still available to us. The weather over the last week was incredible, giving us some lovely chances to get out and do some of the things we love to do.

On Wednesday we went to the Louisville City FC game at Slugger Field. We love the Lou City games, and we’ve tried to make it to as many as possible this summer. The games have grown in popularity since we first moved here, and the one that we attended before this last one had over 10k in attendance! The crowd was lighter this week because it was a Wednesday but the fans were still rowdy and fun, especially in the supporter section where we always sit. We’ve learned most of the cheers by now and we stand up the entire game yelling along with the Coopers and the Heretics, the two largest fan clubs devoted to the team. Those fans go all out dressing up, painting their faces, making signs and flags – there’s even a drum corps. The team is getting their own stadium in Butchertown sometime in the next few years (construction begins soon), so it’ll be fun to bring Penelope to these games over the years.

Last year we weren’t able to make it to the Kentucky State Fair because I was on tour, but this past Thursday night we made an evening of it. If you’ve been following the blog for a few years, you may remember that Javier and I try to go to as many state and county fairs as we can (2011 TN, 2012 TN, 2013 TN, Williamson County, Wilson County). We love seeing the animals, checking out the agriculture displays (we signed up for the master gardening class at the TN State Fair a few years ago), and eating the horrific and delicious fair fare (hot beef sundae, anyone?). We stay away (far, far away) from the rides, but the lights make for great photos so I always bring my camera.

Two nights in a row of perfect weather and fun outings – I’ll take as much of that as I can, thankyouverymuch! We are SO excited to meet Penny, but we’re happy that she seems comfy where she is right now. I’m currently 37 weeks, so the countdown has officially begun!

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