A brief reflection on 2017

My Facebook feed is usually a mix of opposing views on pretty much everything from politics to the latest Star Wars movie, but there seems to be a united sentiment of giving 2017 a giant middle finger and hoping for a better 2018. For me it was equal parts hard and wonderful, but I have never looked forward to a new year so much in my life. I am so excited to see what 2018 brings for Penelope, and I’m just fine with closing the book on a year that brought us the worst president in the history of everything, difficult changes in my career path, a rough pregnancy, watching friends and family deal with various tough and painful situations, and a very scary first couple of months for Penelope. I’ll think back fondly on my last shows with Humming House, buying our new home and fixing it up, a lovely vacation to Seal Beach with family, beautiful baby showers in Louisville and Nashville, and of course I’ll always remember 2017 for bringing me my greatest joy: my sweet daughter. Javier and I had some amazing times together just the two of us before Penny rocked our world in September, and we celebrated 8 years married on December 12! Next year brings new babies (not mine this time!), exciting adventures in photography, and all of the fun milestones for P. I’m expanding my shop with new items, and I’m hoping to do more pop ups and flea markets, especially in the spring and summer. I’m already booked for a few weddings in the spring and I can’t wait to see where else my photography takes me (planning a wedding? hit me up!). As long as I have Javier and P by my side and my dogs running circles around us, I’m ready for all of the adventures of 2018. Bring it on – happy new year to all of you!!

family photo by Gretchen Bell Photography
Penelope at 3 weeks

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