Penny’s First Christmas

The new year is under way and Christmas is getting too far away from me! So before another day goes by I want to share these photos from a terrific holiday with family. I’m always a little sad when Christmas is over…I LOVE the anticipation, the joy, the decorations, and especially the lights. I remember as a kid loving the advent season because we put electric candles in all of the front windows of the house and my grandma sent me a miniature Christmas tree for my room, so every night I fell asleep surrounded by this wonderful Christmas glow. Taking the lights down in January was always a bummer way to start a new year, although I will say as an adult removing the Christmas decor from every surface in the house does make the place feel much more organized and (dare I say) clean.

This year we spent Christmas Eve decorating cookies at Ian and Andrea’s with the kids. Christmas is more fun every year as my niece and nephew are able to participate in the activities and understand what all of the bustle is about. I can’t wait until Penny is in on the action! We went to the candlelight Christmas Eve service at Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church (so beautiful!) and then back to Ian and Andrea’s for a big Christmas Eve dinner.



We missed the Santa portion of Christmas morning but arrived just in time for breakfast. When Ian and I were kids we weren’t allowed into the living room with all of the presents until my parents were showered, downstairs, and with fresh coffee in hand. Ian and I devised a method to get them downstairs in a hurry: make a hot breakfast. Ian made scrambled eggs and coffee, I made cinnamon rolls and toast, we would set the table and yell upstairs “It’s getting cold!!!!!! Your breakfast is hot and ready!!! hurry!!!” with all the urgency of two kids waiting to dive into the present pile. And so, years later, Christmas breakfast is still an important part of the family tradition. Mom makes popovers (and this year made a special dairy-free batch for me!), eggs, sausage, and all the coffee needed to last the day. After breakfast Jackson and Gia helped the adults open the family presents. Gia gave a bunch of her infant toys to Penny who is just now old enough to start playing with them. Penny LOVES sitting in Gia’s Bumbo seat and the toys are a perfect distraction during tummy time! The rest of the day was devoted to playing, napping, eating cookies, and Christmas dinner. A perfect first Christmas for P – I can’t believe she’ll be 15 months old next December!



P surrounded by Gia’s favorite infant toys and sitting in Gia’s Bumbo seat ❤ She’s all set now!



One response to “Penny’s First Christmas”

  1. Beautiful blog, Leslie! Hold these memories in your heart….time passes so quickly !!
    Happy New Year to everyone 🎉❤️

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