Penny Threads

If you follow me on instagram or are friends with me on facebook you might have seen the 10 days of Penny Christmas photos that I posted of P wearing 10 different Christmas outfits. As soon as I found out I was pregnant last year, I started scouring goodwill, yard sales, and giant consignment sales for vintage baby outfits – even before I knew I was having a girl. In the process I found a number of adorable holiday outfits, not just for Christmas but for Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. They aren’t all vintage but many of them are, and I picked my favorite 10 for a little daily photoshoot from Dec. 16-25. It was difficult to pick a favorite photo from each shoot to share, so I decided 1) I’m going to share a couple of favorites from each day right here and 2) since I had so much fun with Christmas outfits, I’m going to do a little shoot every time P is wearing one of her vintage pieces for posterity. I’m going to call the series Penny Threads (#pennythreads) and every time I have a good collection of a few photos to share I’ll post them here (though you’ll see them from time to time on facebook or instagram). So here are her 10 Christmas outfits, with a few extra photos that I didn’t share at the time but am happy to do so now. Enjoy!

1) (not vintage) Found both of these pieces separately but they worked so well together! 


2) vintage velour present sleeper with a sweet embroidered Peter Pan collar 


3. Vintage cotton overalls with Santa footies!


4. (not vintage) velour sleeper with a Santa butt

5. vintage bonnet and new Rudolph sleeper with Rudolph footies 


6. striped sleeper and vintage velour cape with boa trim 


7. Vintage velour dress with Peter Pan collar and vintage patent leather shoes

8. Vintage embroidered velour sleeper – again with the Peter Pan collar – I’m obsessed. Also – that’s a vintage blue velvet bonnet!

9. Vintage velour romper – my very favorite outfit of all! I saved this one for the Christmas Eve service.

10. (not vintage) And Christmas Day – little Santa girl!

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