Double Shower Weekend and a Quick Nashville Trip

I gotta say, we have some pretty amazing people in our lives. We’ve received packages of homemade and incredibly thoughtful gifts for Penelope from friends and family all over the country, we’ve been reading the sweetest comments on social media from friends and family since we first announced her existence, and we have been to five showers celebrating Penelope this summer! Truly we’ve been overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness and generosity – it means the world to us.

Penny’s most recent photoshoot! THAT IS MY DAUGHTER’S FACE!

I already mentioned two of the showers we’ve been to for Penelope – the one here in Louisville with my girlfriends by the pool, and the one my family threw for us in California. When we arrived home from California, some of Javier’s colleagues threw a double shower for us and Javier’s co-NP Kenny who, along with is wife Heather, will be welcoming their first baby Benjamin this coming November. It’s been a fun year for all four of us comparing pregnancy notes and figuring this craziness out together. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos at that shower – I was too busy being 7 months pregnant stuffing my face with delicious barbecue. Trust me that it was a beautiful afternoon with some delicious food and great company!

The two NP-wife mamas

Two of the aforementioned baby showers happened this past weekend on Friday in Louisville at Javier’s office and on Sunday in Nashville with my Humming House fam and Nashville friends. Javier’s office co-workers threw a super sweet double shower on Friday afternoon to celebrate Penelope and Benjamin, and they went all out decorating the conference room and making the afternoon a really special one for all of us. We even had lullabies playing in the background for ambiance! It was nice for me to get to know everyone in Javier’s office so I can now put faces to names. He works with a wonderful group of people – always good to know that a move from one city to another for a job paid off both in terms of the actual job and the people you spend your day with!

On Saturday Javier and I drove down to Nashville with the dogs. This was a tricky trip because I’m now 37 weeks, which is cutting it fairly close to be driving 2.5 hours away from my hospital. I was feeling good, though, and I’ve been eager to get down to Nashville this whole summer and haven’t had the chance yet.

As it turned out, having the Humming House shower this past weekend was perfect timing because we were in Nashville on the same Sunday that my dad was preaching at Second Presbyterian! So we started off the day hearing a great sermon from my dad, then we headed over to Justin and Kacie’s house in the afternoon for the HH shower. I’ve been SO excited about this gathering since Jessica first called me about it back in July. I miss the HH fam quite a bit, and it’s so rare that we get to see folks from that group now that we’re in another city, especially all together at once. We had a few other friends from our HH group there as well, and we spent a really nice afternoon catching up.



The most special, amazing thing? Humming House dedicated their new album to Penelope!!! I’ve been listening to the album recordings digitally since the guys sent me the final versions instead of opening the CD, so I completely missed the dedication inside the cover, and…wow. The sweetest gift ever. If I hadn’t been so hyperactive excited to see everyone, I probably would’ve let that properly sink in at the time and just been a tearful mess. I’m super lucky in my friends; Penny is going to have such an amazing net of people around her. A HUGE thank you to the HH fam for planning such an amazing day and to the dudes for flying back from FL in time to hang with us 🙂 We love you all!

And let me reiterate this: THANK YOU to everyone for making these 9 months so incredibly special, and for showing us so much love and friendship! All of the advice, encouragement, well-wishes, gifts, thoughts – every little comment and moment made this year so wonderful. We cannot WAIT to bring lil P into the world!

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