A Penelope Shower

I cannot believe it’s July. I cannot believe I only have two months until Penelope arrives. I am a fairly impatient person and I love instant gratification, so I always figured that pregnancy for me would feel like the longest 9 months of my life. But 2017 has flown by – we are over halfway through the year and by the time the end of the year arrives I will have a 3-month old. That, my friends, is absolutely crazy.

Two weekends ago I got together with some of my favorite women in the world for a relaxing baby shower by the pool at Lakeside. I’ve never put much thought into planning a baby shower and I left the planning for this one in Louisville in the very capable hands of Corinne, who has been by my side since the 4th grade and knows exactly the kind of gathering that would be perfect.  I wanted to socialize and sit by the pool, eat some cake and spend some quality time with close friends and relatives – and the shower was exactly that.

Speaking of cake, I did have my hand in one specific part of the planning! I ordered a dozen of those amazing cupcakes that I had at the Penelope sex-reveal party back in March – Elisha Risher came through again and made us some beautiful chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. Like I said before, I’m taking any excuse I can find from now on to order cakes from her!

The bonus to that weekend was having my mom, grandma, and aunt Regena in town and getting to spend some quality time with them. We went with Javier to try a new (to us) spot called Eiderdown, another place we highly recommend to anyone in the Louisville area if you haven’t tried it yet. Mom and I went through all of the clothing I’ve been finding for Penelope at Goodwill over the last 7 months and organizing it by size – I know the pile looks absolutely absurd in the photo but it’s clothing that goes all the way up to 4T (which I realize is also absurd since she hasn’t even arrived yet, but I have found some CUTE, cheap items at Goodwill that I couldn’t resist!). There were plenty of opportunities for long conversations and relaxation over the whole weekend, and I know  those moments will be few and far between after September. It was a special few days.

Looking back on the lovely baby shower afternoon I feel a strange nostalgia. Baby showers only come once in a lifetime, before that first kid comes along and you are completely lacking in the baby supplies and first-hand experience. I guess having the baby shower made this whole adventure that much more real – Penelope is COMING ladies and gents. She’s on her way. Corinne, thank you a million times over for such a wonderful afternoon and thanks to these fabulous women who spent their Sunday afternoon celebrating me and Penelope – we feel very loved indeed!


4 responses to “A Penelope Shower”

  1. Of COURSE you are one of those adorable pregnant women who look exactly the same as they did pre-pregnancy except that they swallowed a beach ball. I was one of those who looked pregnant from every angle. If you only saw my face, you knew I was pregnant. Hmmph.

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