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Williamson County Fair

Every year Javier and I make a trip out to the TN State Fair, which is usually held in September. This year we decided that one fair wasn’t enough, so we decided to check out the Williamson County Fair to see what it was all about. For us, the fair is all about seeing the animals. Javier doesn’t trust the rides and we don’t want to spend the money to play the games (though for the last two years we have won fishies at the goldfish bowl toss), so we usually go straight to the livestock arena to check out the animal presentations and say hi to the goats and donkeys. The Williamson County fair had GREAT animal exhibits – we spent about 2 hours perusing the different barns. Cada ano, Javier y yo vamos a la Feria Estatal de Tennessee que se hace en Septiembre. Este ano deidimos que una feria no era suficiente, asi que decidimos ir a la feria del Condado Williamson para ver como era. Para nosotros, la feria es para ir a ver animales. Javier no confia en las montanas rusas o juegos y no queremos gastar plata en juegos (aunque los ultimos dos anos hemos ganado peces goldfish), asi que normalmente vamos directo a los establos a ver las presentaciones de animales y saludar a la cabras y burros. La feria del Condado Williamson tenia muestras GENIALES de animales – pasamos 2 horas paseando por los establos.
The first thing we saw was the miniature donkey competition and I fell in love with these dudes. We talked to one of the breeders and she said they are really easy to take care of Β and very friendly…so I’m sold. I want one (or two, since they like company). We took a few photos of the donkeys, then checked out the must-see goats. We have always loved goats (we want these too…we’re going to have a farm someday apparently) and they love posing for our camera. The little baby goats were jumping up on the side of the gate and getting their faces right in the lens…must’ve thought it was food. Such a disappointment for them – but great photo material for me! Lo primero que hicimos fue ver burros miniatura y nos encantaron. Conversamos con uno de los criadores y dijo que eran muy faciles de cuidar y muy amigables…asi que me convencio. Quiero uno (o dos, porque les gusta la compania). Sacamos algunas fotos de los burros, y nos fuimos a la cabras que debiamos ver si o si. Siempre nos han gustado las cabras (queremos algunas tambien…vamos a tener una granja algun dia aparentemente) y les encanta posar para la camara. Las cabritas bebes se montaban en la reja y ponian sus caras en el lente de la camara…seguro pensaban que teniamos comida. Una decepcion para ellas – pero una gran oportunidad de foto para mi!
DSC_2861 DSC_2879 DSC_2904

DSC_292420130823-142026.jpg 20130823-142014.jpg 20130823-142003.jpg

The livestock barn was full of cows (and a HUGE steer from Texas! It was bigger than our car!) and a mama pig that had just given birth to TWELVE darling little piglets that week! They were SO cute. Tambien tenian un establo lleno de vacas (y una tremenda de Texas! MAs grande que nuestro auto!) y una mama cerdo que recien habia dado a luz DOCE chanchitos! Son TAN tiernos.


DSC_3022 DSC_3032 DSC_3035
The last thing we saw before we left was the jumping dog show – it was awesome! The collies jumped 25 feet – it was really fun to watch. I got some cool videos and photos of the doggos midair…and somehow managed not to get wet. All in all we give the Williamson County Fair two very enthusiastic thumbs up – loved the fair food, the animals were great and the fair grounds were easy to navigate. Now we’re looking forward to the state fair!! La ultima cosa que vimos antes de volver a casa fue una competencia de saltos de perros – era genial! Los Collies saltaron 25 pies – era muy entretenido de ver. Hice algunos buenos videos y fotos con los perros en el aire…y de alguna manera no me moje. Despues de todo, la feria del Condado Williamson recibe dos pulgares – nos encanta la comida de la feria, los animales estaban geniales y todo era facil de navegar. Ahora estamos esperando por la feria estatal!
DSC_2988 DSC_2980 DSC_2976

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  1. “Bigger than our car” isn’t saying much when you drive a Yaris! πŸ˜‰

    Also, those piglet pictures melt my heart.

    • hahahahahaha that is VERY true Ashley! I should’ve said bigger than two of our cars…maybe three.

      I know those little piglets were just too much!!

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