Back to the Bedroom Refinishing…

Utter contentment is chilling on the couch in between two big cuddly dogs listening to “An Elegant Affair” playlist on Spotify (Javier’s choice) while Javi waters orchids. Javier and I had our Birth Class Part 2 tonight and I got *extra* worked up about the insane amount of newborn first-time-mom stress that I’m about to be immersed in…so I’m treasuring this moment of peace while I can.

Speaking of peace…the home renovations are coming along! Renovating isn’t exactly peaceful but the feeling of “ah yes, glad that’s over and we can enjoy it now” is good for the soul. Our second floor is now officially carpet-free and completely re-painted! Remember the transformation in our bedroom? We went through the exact same process in the guest room, then moved all the guest furniture in and took care of Penelope’s empty nursery. We had the system down:

  1. Tape up the walls, paint three coats (Javi finished the details while I worked the roller), then immediately start tearing up the carpet together
  2. Roll up the carpet and padding and move it to the car to take to the dump
  3. I would remove all of the staples with Javier’s pliers and vice grip while he removed the tackless strips (which were DOUBLED in the guest room! why??!)
  4. Remove the splotches of paint scattered all over the floor with a scraper and Goof Off
  5. Cleaning: Javi would scrub mop while I dried behind him, then vacuum
  6. Buy the quarter round, Javier would cut & install it, we’d vacuum the dust one more time and move in the furniture, then step back and admire the finished room!

It was so satisfying to see the results. The guest room floors are in the worst shape of the three rooms, but they are still better than what we had beneath the carpet in our last house and far superior to the carpet itself. Penelope’s room had the best floor by a mile; the wood looked like it had been refinished and then immediately covered with carpet as soon as the polyurethane dried. The floors even had quarter round already installed! We barely had to do any detail work there.

Taping up the guest room
Etsy 3
After a couple of coats
Tearing up the carpet
Carpet and padding removed and ready for disposal
Tearing out staples one by one
So many stupid paint spots…especially in the guest room
Guest room all clear!
Penelope’s room – before
Penelope’s room – before
After painting
Working on staple removal – see the sheen? These floors are beautiful!

I’ll post photos of the rooms fully furnished once they are finished – that’s more of a decorating post than a refinishing post and we don’t even have Penny’s furniture yet! The hallway carpet was fairly easy to remove once the rooms were finished…and then…THE STAIRS. The stairs are for another post. It’s been a couple of weeks and they are still in limbo; we won’t be able to finish them until July. We’ll post about the first half of the project next just to show the grunt work we’ve already done. I’m pretty sure it’s downhill from here but, well, famous last words right? We’ll see. For now, I’m just pleased I don’t have to think about cat-pee carpet anymore!

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