We have hammocks!

As a birthday present from my family I got some money to use for anything I wanted. The only condition was that I had to use it for something fun, not for paying bills or to put into savings (which they know I tend to do). My first thought was to maybe use it towards making my vegetable garden a little bigger, but since we are well into summer and it is not the best time for planting I figured that wasn’t the best way to spend the money. But in the same backyard-improvement train of thought, summer means relaxing – relaxing means laying out – I don’t like to lay out but I like to spend time in the yard – how can I do both? BUY HAMMOCKS!!! Como regalo de cumpleanos mi familia me dio una plata para usar en lo que quisiera. La unica condicion fue que tenia que usarla para algo entretenido, no para pagar cuentas o poner en la cuenta de ahorro (algo que tiendo a hacer). Mi primera idea fue usarla para agrandar la huerta, pero como estamos en verano ya y no es la mejor epoca para plantar, me di cuenta que no era la mejor manera de usar esa plata. Pero con la misma idea de mejorar el patio trasero, verano significa relajo, relajo significa hecharse, no me gusta hecharme pero me gusta pasar tiempo en el patio – como puedo hacer las 2? PONER HAMACAS!!!

We actually have been thinking about getting hammocks for awhile but we never went for it, so this was the perfect time to go ahead and get them. We have a couple of trees in the backyard but they are not close to each other so I quickly figured out that I needed to set up some posts in order to have the right place to hang the hammocks, so here is what I did. Hemos tenido la idea de poner hamacas por un buen tiempo ya, pero nunca nos animamos a hacerlo, asi que ahora era el momento perfecto para ponerlas. Tenemos un par de arboles en el patio pero no estan cerca el uno del otro asi que rapidamente me di cuenta que tenia que poner postes para colgar las hamacas, asi que esto es lo que hice.

First I ordered the hammocks online. We got 2 blue brazilian-style hammocks. They are the kind that wraps around you – very simple and comfy. To set them up, I used one of our trees as the main support so we could have shade. I bought 4 eyebolts, 4 S-hooks, some bags of cement and two 4x4x8 posts. I screwed two eye bolts to the tree and, using the hammocks, I measured the right location for the post before I started digging (measure twice, DIG once). Once I figured out the post location, I dug holes about 2 feet deep. That was hard work! Digging post holes is not easy! Primero compre las hamacas por internet. Compramos 2 hamacas azules estilo brasileno. Son del tipo que te abrazan – muy simples y comodas. Para instalarlas use uno de los arboles como soporte principal asi podemos usar su sombra. Compre 4 tornillos con ojo, 4 ganchos en S, unas cuantas bolsas de cemento, y dos postes de 4x4x8. Puse 2 tornillos en el arbol, usando las hamacas medi el lugar exacto donde debian ir los postes (siempre hay que medir 2 veces antes de empezar a escabar). Ya con el lugar de los postes marcado, hice hoyos de mas o menos 2 pies de profundidad. Fue mucho trabajo! Escabar tanto a mano no es facil!

With the holes done I put the poles in position and threw the cement in. Quikrete is super easy to use; you just add the dry cement, soak it up with water and after a couple of hours it’s dry and set. After the posts were set I screwed in the other two eye bolts, one for each post, and just like that….HAMMOCKS!! Con los hoyos hechos, puse los postes y el cemento. Quikrete es facil de usar, se pone el cemento seco en el hoyo y luego se le agrega agua ahi mismo y en un par de horas esta listo. Con los postes instalados, puse los otros 2 tornillos, uno para cada poste, y despues…..HAMACAS!!

The S-hooks are the link for the hammocks and the eye bolts. They help to make the hammocks easy to take out in case it rains or if we simply do want to leave them outside. We love using the hammocks already, it is so relaxing to just rock like a baby looking at our tree and the sky. It’s very relaxing and like a vacation in our backyard. I encourage everybody to get a hammock and set it up in the yard if you can! It’s an easy project, it’s relaxing, and you wont regret having a little oasis at home! Los ganchos en S son la conexion entre las hamacas y los tornillos con ojo. Ayudan a que las hamacas sean facil de sacar en caso que llueva o si simplemente no queremos dejarlas afuera. No escanta usar las hamacas, es muy ralajante poder mecerse como un bebe mirando el follaje de los arboles y el cielo. Es como estar de vacaciones en tu patio. Les recomiendo a todos que compren una hamaca y la instalen en el patio si pueden! es un proyecto facil, relajante, y no se arrepentiran de tener un pequeno oasis en casa!

**hey – we were freshly pressed!! Pretty cool! Thanks to everyone for reading, liking and commenting! If you’ve got a minute, take a look around! If you like what you see, hit that “follow” button or “join Los Rodriguez” for e-mail updates – thanks!!

106 responses to “We have hammocks!”

  1. Your hammocks are way nicer than mine. I also got money for my birthday (when I was 9) and decided to buy a hammock (I still have it) – it’s the kind that’s made out of that mesh-like material that digs into your skin a bit, allowing bits and pieces of your legs to slightly protrude…you know which kind I mean?

    Every time I lay in it, I look like a piece of ham.

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed and enjoy those hammocks this summer! 🙂

    • ha! That’s so funny!! Actually that was exactly the kind of hammock we didn’t want to get – I had one of those when I was a kid too and I remember always getting imprints! AND they get really dirty. I’m sure these would get dirty too but we’ll always take them inside! Thanks!! 🙂

  2. I used to have my hammock hanging under my loft bed – the best place for reading and studying. Now, with neither a garden or a loft bed, I have no place to put it, but I do bring it if we’re spending the day at the lake.

    • I’m realizing now that it is a great place for reading and studying – in the morning before it gets too hot outside. it’s a good thing you kept it! I’m sure it’ll always come in handy!

  3. hey there, what an awesome blog. half of my parental unit is colombian, so i find this blog very cool or as they might say “chevere” or something like that. 😉 anyway, you have a new follower. thank you for the cool read. – sweet mother

    • Thanks for stopping by! and thanks for your comment. as we would say in Chile, “Bakan” or a more updated version (which i hate..) “filete”

  4. Que super! I never really appreciated a hammock until my husband and I moved to Bolivia. There’s no better way to pass a hot day than with a favorite book in the folds of a hammock. I love your photos. Beautiful life.

  5. Being Brazilian and growing up in Brazil laying in a hammock was as common as breathing. They are so incredibly comfy. We brought some back home to give out as presents and I own one myself. Enjoy your hammock! 😀

    • When I visited Brazil I remember every house I visited either had a hammock set up or a hammock in storage ready to go whenever! I can’t believe it took us this long to get one for ourselves.

  6. Pretty cool!
    In the north east of Brazil where my fiance lives, they actually have the hooks set up in their house as well. So they move the hammocks inside if need be and jump right in!

  7. I got one of these babies for a Christmas present this year. Brought it back to college and hanged it on my bunked bed. I then bought a poster of the beach and posted it right beside the hammock. Soooo relaxing~

  8. Great post! Are you familiar with Pawley’s Island, South Carolina? We used to vacation there when I was a child. They make the most AMAZING hammocks ever!!! Check them out….they are made out of rope. One more thing…..is that a Rat Terrier by chance? Happy Hammocking……savor chillin’!

    • I haven’t heard of it but we’ll check it out! We always need new places to put on our vacation list! And no – one is a beagle bassett mix and the other is beagle / lab / heeler. He’s spotted like a rat terrier but the spots come from the heeler – in TN almost ever mutt has spots from heelers! haha.

      • Too funny! Yes, do check out Pawley’s Island….it was a quant little seaside village. I haven’t been there for years so I can only imagine how it must have changed but definitely worth a look. Enjoy relaxing on your hammock this summer. Thanks for responding. Great blog post. Cheers!

  9. Got my wife one for her birthday a few years ago. She thought I was nuts. Not anymore!

    We got a stand to go with it and stretched the array out in a shaded patio-like space we call the Smoking Garden. It gets lots of use through the summer and early fall, before I have to put it away for the winter. (Now, if we only had a big attic!)

    Congratulations to your family, too, for the wisdom of insisting you treat yourself to something pleasurable. Responsible adults need that! Now, lose yourself in some dreams in the middle of the day … how sweet!

    • 🙂 Thanks for your comment! We always do our best to make sure we fit some time for rest and relaxation in our schedules – it keeps us sane! I can’t wait to use the hammocks in the fall…once the weather cools down I don’t think I’ll ever get out of the hammock! haha

  10. I ran across your site/post on accident, but that’s very cool! I have to say that taking some R&R time in a hammock is the way to go, however, I would like to call into question the eyebolt that you have gouged into the tree!

    It is damaging to the tree to screw into it or to use relatively small diameter rope to wrap around the tree. It is for this unfortunate reason that MANY national and state parks prohibit people hoisting up hammocks. Since you have setup with a tree in your own backyard, I suppose it’s not that big of a deal. BUT, imagine if people gouged into trees willy-nilly out in the parks — how horrible it would be to see trees abused as such.

    Please don’t mistake me for a “tree-hugger,” but there is a better way.

    Might I suggest that you use hammock “tree straps” or “webbing?” This method is much safer for trees. Do a quick web search and see what you can learn. And also check out http://www.hammockforums.net/ for a great many ideas about hammocking!

    • Hi Pete,

      Thanks for stopping by the blog and for your comment. We agree with you thought about the eye bolt, I would have not done that if: 1) wasn’t our tree 2) wasn’t permanent. To be honest I went for the most cost effective solution and to what feels to me like the safest way to hang the hammocks.
      I am definitely not encouraging everyone to go out there and place eyebolts in any tree, there must be respect for nature and respect for what is not your property. So thanks for sharing that information and for expressing your concern. Happy “hammocking”

  11. Hammocks are amazing. I am so excited to bring my Mexican hammock to South Africa with me and hang out all day in my little concrete room. The best stress reliever ever, right?

  12. Blogging in two languages! Very innovative. I write in two languages, in my mother tongue Mizo and in English. But have never thought of this side-by-side bilingual thing you do. Keep it up! Nice pics btw.

    • Thanks! For a long time we would write one paragraph in English and then put the Spanish in a paragraph below it but it made the posts look SO LONG and we didn’t think people were reading them because of that. So we figured out how to do columns and I think it helped!

    • There are many hammocks that are designed for backpacking. Light weight, small wrap up, they use cords to set up…look some up. i am sure you can find plenty of options to have your hammock in college (or set it up under a bunk bed)

  13. Hi again, dear pareja! How both have you been doing? ( did I place the word “both” correctly? I always confuse its place dam…lol)

    Hamacas or hammocks make me feel relaxed and like I were floating in dead air… a strange but lovely sensation! There’s nothing like take a “siesta” ( short sleeping) inside one of those!

    But take care…If you are one of those who cannot stop moving when sleeping or dreaming whatever you may dream, you could end up falling from the hammocks! A curious way of waking up, didn’t it happen to you before? To me, yes it did lol

    • Hi Javi! We’ve been doing well! And the placement would have been “how have you both been doing” – almost!

      That actually hasn’t happened to us yet but I imagine it’s not the nicest way to wake up!! Luckily these hammocks are close to the ground so if we do fall out it wouldn’t hurt too much but it would be a nasty surprise if we were asleep.

      Hope all is well!! good to hear from you! 🙂

  14. Obsessed with hammocks! Thoroughly enjoyed your post, thank you 🙂 also, check out my latest blog posts you may like it!

    • You can only be better if you try it and practice. Give it a shot! Just dont rush and take extra steps to avoid critical mistakes (we all make mistakes)

  15. My husband and I recently went to Mexico and came home with hammocks. Unfortunately, the trees in our backyard are 2 years old so they cannot hold the weight just yet. Thanks for sharing. Now I know what to do another 5 yrs from now when they are a bit mature, lol

  16. The hammocks are wonderful and the only trouble is not getting to be in one! Javi you are so clever!

  17. I never wish to live a life that does not include a hammock. My earliest memory is falling asleep to my grandmother’s singing under the tamarind tree in her hammock. I still visit her hammock weekly and have one of my own.

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