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DIY Big Face Poster

We are sure that at this point you guys have seen plenty of giant faces jumping around the stands in football games, basketball games and just about every sporting event. We think they are pretty funny watching from the TV – but there is no doubt in my mind that the fan sitting behind that giant face is not so thrilled. I would be kind of annoyed to not be able to see what I paid to go see… Estamos seguros que ya han visto estas cabezas gigantes saltando por todos lados en partidos de futbol americano, partidos de basquetball, y otros deportes. Pensamos que son muy graciosas – claro que solo para los que vemos deportes en la tele, porque estoy seguro que los fanaticos que estan sentados atras de alguien con una de estas cabezas no quedan muy contentos. Yo estaria un poco molesto por no poder ver nada de lo que pague por ver. 

From the website…Lebron and Rondo looking a little creepy! haha

Last week we had a very important celebration (more on that soon! it was John’s 60th and Ian’s 30th birthdays) and we were trying to think about some sort of prop that we could use during the party. We wanted something fun, so having giant faces of Ian and John seemed like the perfect option. We looked online to see how to make them and found some websites that make them for you but this was the perfect opportunity to spend some time doing a little bit of arts and crafts. La semana pasada, tuvimos una celebracion muy importante y queriamo tener algo para usar en la fiesta como entretencion. Queriamos algo divertido, asi que tener estas cabezas gigantes era la opcion perfecta. Buscamos en internet como hacerlas, y hay varios sitios que las hacen por ti, pero esta era la opotunidad perfecta para hacer algo entretenido con artes manuales.
We looked for the perfect pictures in our GIGANTIC database of family pictures, and after finding the perfect facial expressions we cropped the faces to fit a 22 x 28 in. rectangle.  We took the pictures to Kinkos to be printed and after a few hours we had our giant faces on paper. We cut the edges carefully and using glue and double-sided tape we pasted them to cardboard. Really simple to do, and for sure a fun item to have around a big party! Buscamos fotos de caras divertidas en nuestra INMENSA coleccion de fotos, y cuando encontramos las expresiones faciales perfectas las ajustamos para que calzaran en un rectangulo de 22 x 28 pulgadas. Cortamos los bordes con cuidado y usamos pegamento y cinta adhesiva doble  para pegarlas en carton. Muy simple de hacer, y sin duda muy divertidas de tener alrededor durante la fiesta!

Annie and Andrea before they danced into the party 

Here are some pictures and videos of the big heads being funny around the party…. Aqui van algunas fotos y videos de estas cabezotas causando risotadas en la fiesta..

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