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StoryCorps in Nashville

During one of our trips to the Nashville Farmer’s Market one Saturday we saw a beautiful AirStream parked inside where the booths are, which called our attention immediately. We went to check it out and to our surprise the trailer was the StoryCorps mobile studio! For those who don’t know what StoryCorps is, it is one of our favorite National Public Radio (NPR) shows. Their recordings feature regular people and their stories, which are about absolutely anything; friendship, sickness, war, life moments, memories, etc. You get to hear real memories on this show, many of which sound like they came straight from a movie script. StoryCorps records people’s conversations or interviews and archives them in the library of Congress to conserve the memories of people living in the U.S. Durante uno de nuestros viajes a la feria de Nashville un Sabado, vimos una AirStream muy linda estacionada adentro, lo que nos llamo la atencion de inmediato. Fuimos a ver que era y para nuestra sorpresa (una buena sorpresa) el trailer era el estudio de grabacion ambulante de StoryCorps! Para quienes no saben que es Story Corps, es uno de nuestros programas favoritos de la radio publica nacional (NPR). Sus grabaciones son hechas por gente regular y sus historias, las cuales pueden ser sobre lo que sea; amistades, enfermedades, guerra, momentos de la vida, memorias, etc. Puedes escuchar memorias reales en este show, muchas de las cuales parecieran salir directamente de un guion de pelicula. StoryCorps graba las conversacion de la gente y las archiva en la Biblioteca del Congreso para conservar las memorias de la gente que vive en los Estados Unidos.
We are big fans of family history, legacy, and memories. We are constantly thinking about leaving something for future generations and we also love to hear stories about older relatives and their life experiences. Pictures (obviously), stories, furniture, recipes…if it has something to do with our family history, we love it. So when we found the AirStream and realized that StoryCorps was visiting Nashville for a month, we had to sign up to tell our story! We wanted to be part of the preservation effort. We also convinced Leslie’s grandma (and mom) to sign up to record some of her memories and we are so glad she accepted. She got to talk about her life as a teenager during World War II – so awesome! Somos fanaticos de la historia familiar, legado, y memorias. Constantemente pensamos sobre como dejar algo para las futuras generaciones y tambien nos encanta escchar historias sobre nuestros parientes y sus experiencias de vida. Fotos (obvio), historias, muebles, recetas…si tiene que ver con nuestra historia familiar, nos encanta. Asi que cuando encontramos la AirStream y nos dimos cuenta que era StoryCorps visitando Nashville por un mes, teniamos que inscribirnos para contar nuestra historia! Queriamos ser parte de la preservacion. Tambien convencimos a la abuela de Leslie (y a su mama) para inscribirse y grabar algunas de sus memorias y estamos muy contentos que aceptaron. Ella pudo hablar subre su vida como adolecente durante la segunda guerra mundial – muy genial!
We weren’t sure at the beginning what to talk about, but we finally decided to go with a story that we think is pretty unique to the two of us. You see, Javier and I were married three times in the same year, (with no divorces in between). Not many people can say they got to celebrate their marriage in 3 different weddings. We had a small ceremony in Nashville with our parents and two friends in June of 09, then our two big weddings in Nashville and Chile that following December. So, we ended up talking about where we come from (pretty crazy to think about a boy from Patagonia and a girl from Louisville winding up together), how we met, our engagement, our multiple weddings, the immigration process, and how family has become our number one priority. No estabamos seguros al comienzo de que hablar, pero al final decidimos contar la historia que creemos es unica de nosotros dos. Como ven, Javier y yo nos casamos 3 veces el mismo ano, (sin divorcios de por medio). No mucha gente puede decir que celebraron su matrimonio en 3 bodas diferentes. Tuvimos una ceremonia muy pequena en Nashville con mis papa y dos amigos en Junio del 2009, luego nuestras 2 bodas grandes en Nashville y Chile en Diciembre de ese ano. Asi que terminamos hablando de donde venimos (el loco pensar que un niniot de la Patagonia y una nina de Louisville terminaron juntos), como nos conocimos, nuestro compromiso, nuestras multiples bodas, y como la familia se ha convertido en nuestra prioridad numero uno.
The 40 minutes of recording flew by! It was a little weird at first because it’s this tiny little soundproof room with two giant microphones…talk about being put on the spot. We had a lot of fun talking about our memories and realizing how things fell into place in our lives without much orchestration. The studio inside the AirStream was super cool, totally isolated and perfect for conversation. We got a copy of our recording and another copy will be placed in the shelves of the Library of Congress for generations and generations…hopefully our great-great-great grandchildren will be interested in family history as much as we are! Los 40 minutos de grabacion pasaron volando! Fue un poco raro al comienzo porque es una salita chiquita a prueba de sonidos con 2 microfonos gigantes. Lo pasamos bien hablando de nuestras memorias y dandonos cuenta como todo las piezas de nuestra vida encajaron a la perfeccion casi sin quererlo. El estudio dentro de la AirStream es genial, totalmente aislado y perfecto para conversar. Nos dieron una copia de nuestras grabacio y otra copia sera guardada en las repisas de la Biblioteca del Congreso por generaciones y generaciones….ojala nuestros bis-bis-bis nietos se interesen en nuestra historia familiar tanto como nosotros!

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  1. I don’t know if I commented on the Story Corp adventure — I still haven’t listened to ours and will have to hear yours! quite a professional set-up, wasn’t it?

  2. That’s really cool that you guys were recorded by Storycorps. I love using them for my students. Any clue yet if they will air it or put it on their site? Also, did you two check out the Chile exhibit at Passport to the World in Franklin?

    • We don’t know if they will air our story or not. It would be awesome if they do, and they would let us know so we would definitely share that with everyone. We didn’t go to the event in Franklin, we were not in town that weekend. Did you?

      • No, I live in Santiago but plan to move to Nashville early next year. I thought it was cool that Chile was represented first, though. We’re getting ready for Dieciocho here. Only a month away!

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