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McClure wedding

Not only is our anniversary in December but my parents and Javier’s parents celebrate their anniversaries in this wonderful month as well. My parents’ 34th was this past Friday, Dec. 16. Below is a photo of their celebratory beer at Dalt’s grill – still such a cute couple! 🙂

No es solo nuestro aniversario en Diciembre, sino que tambien el aniversario de mis papas y los papas de Javier. El aniversario numero 34 de mis papas fue el pasado Viernes, 16 de Diciembre. Abajo va una foto de su cerveza de celebracion en Dalt’s – todavia una pareja muy tierna! 🙂

My parents have an album of about 20 photos from their wedding that I obsessed over when I was younger. The outside of the album is absolutely destroyed because I was so rough with it growing up. The photos are just gorgeous and I fell in love with the idea of a Christmas wedding, which I mentioned when I wrote about our own wedding. Last night I finally sat down and scanned all of their wedding photos – some of which I posted below.

Mis papas tienen un album con unas 20 fotos de su matrimonio que yo estaba obsesionada cuando era pequena. La parte de afuera del album esta absolutamente destrozada porque lo trataba muy mal. Las fotos son preciosas y me hicieron enamorarme con la idea de una boda en Navidad, lo que mencionecuando escribi sobre nuestro matrimonio. Ayer por fin me sente y escanee todas las fotos de su matrimonio – algunas las agregue abajo.

My parents had about 600 guests at their wedding, mostly due to the fact that both of my grandfathers were pastors of gigantic churches and the congregations from each church were invited. Their receiving line was so long that they never made it to their reception! The picture of them with the cake is from BEFORE the ceremony – they never even got to taste it afterward.

Mis papas tuvieron mas o menos 600 invitados en su matrimonio, la mayoria debido a que mis dos abuelo eran pastores en iglesias enormes y ambas congregaciones fueron invitadas. La linea de recibimiento fue tan larga que nunca pudieron llegar a su fiesta! La foto de ellos con su torta fue tomada ANTES de la ceremonia – ellos no puedieron probarlo despues de la ceremonia.

The wedding was extremely formal with the men wearing coattails and gloves and the women wearing floor-length dresses. Javi and I knew we didn’t want a wedding that was so formal but I still love love love the photos of my parents all dressed up like that, especially my dad with the gloves. Fantastic. My parents are awesome!

La boda fue muy formal, con los hombres usando trajes de cola y guantes y las mujeres vestian vestidos largos.Javi y yo sabiamos que no queriamos una boda tan formal, pero aun asi todavia me encantan las fotos de mis papas todo arreglados, especialmente de mi papa con guantes. Fantastico. Mis papas son geniales!

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  1. Aaaawwww! Thank you Leslie! I’ll add that my Mom put on a beautiful dinner & dancing party at our 25th since we didn’t have that at our wedding. And we had wedding cake that we ate. 🙂

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