Decorating for Christmas: final touches

Javi and I JUST finished decorating. I think.
You didn’t really think I’d make that much of a fuss about Christmas and decorating and then just throw up a tree and put some lights on it did you? It didn’t even have ornaments on it!!
Javi y yo RECIEN terminamos de decorar. Creo.

No creian que despues de todo lo que hablamos de decorar para Navidad ibamos a tirar un arbolito y un par de luces verdad? Ni siquiera tenia decoraciones el pobre arbol.

My mom excavated another box of our Christmas decor from her attic for us, so we had more decorating to do. We had a few strands of lights but not nearly enough to accomplish what Javi had in mind for our porch and the front of our house and I needed a few more odds and ends to cap off the decorating frenzy, so we took a trip to Lowe’s to get the rest of what we needed. We didn’t own ANY extension chords prior to this trip, which has been a major pain for the last few months, so we finally remedied that problem and bought a few other tools to make decorating easier. Mi mama encontro otra caja de decoraciones navidenas en el atico el fin de semana pasado, asi que teniamos mas material. Teniamos un par de hileras de luces pero no lo suficiente para lograr lo que Javi tenia en mente para el porch y el frente de la casa y yo necesitaba un par de cositas mas para terminar de decorar, asi que hicimos un viaje a Lowe’s para agarrar lo que necesitabamos. No teniamos ninguna extension antes del este viaje, lo que ha sido muy molestoso estos ultimos meses, pero lo hemos rememdiado y ahora tenemos mucho cables! y tambien agarramos otras herramientas para hacer la decoracion mas facil.

Javi got to work on the lights – it took him all day yesterday and today to get the right configuration of lights / plugs / extension chords / etc. The fuses kept burning out last night, and just when he thought he had figured it all out, everything went out again this morning. Tonight he took almost everything down and reorganized the wires so that they weren’t all plugged into each other – and now it works perfect! He lit up the walkway which is really nice and installed a set of regular round ball lights in scallops along the ceiling that we’re going to leave up all year long. Actually, now that I’ve seen the lights all set up, I don’t ever want to take any of them down…Can you blame me? Javi se puso a trabajar en las luces – le tomo todo el dia ayer y hoy para lograr la configuracion correcta entre luces / enchufes / extensiones / etc. Los fusibles no paraban de quemarse anoche, y justo cuando pensabamos que lo habiamos arreglado, las luces no funcionaron esta manana. En la noche de hoy casi saco todo y reorganizo los cables para que no estuvieran enchufados unos con otros – y ahora funciona a la perfeccion!! Puso luces en la entrada de la casa e instalo luces regulares en el techo del porch que tienen pantallas en forma de pelota y que van a quedar ahi todo el ano. La verdad, despues de ver las luces instaladas no las quiero sacar nunca….que le puedo hacer?
the first unsuccessful attempt
lighting up the walkway
the walkway at night
it’s been raining for the last 3 days – so the floor is a little wet!
Below are a few photos of the rest of the decor around the house. We STILL have to put up pictures and other things on our walls around the house – they are TOTALLY bare. That’s going to be one of the many, many projects on my DIY list before Javier’s family arrives!! So I didn’t take photos of the Christmas items we hung on the walls (like our stockings, since we don’t have a chimney…) because they look lonely and…well, tacky. Just having a couple of stockings up in the middle of the wall with nothing else around them? Not my preference…but it’ll look better when we get real, year-round household items up on the walls too (floating bookshelves, photos etc.) Aqui van algunas fotos del resto de la decoracion en la casa. Todavia tenemos que poner fotos y otras cosas en nuestras murallas – porque estan totalmente vacias!. Ese sera uno de los tantos projectos en mi lista antes que la familia de Javi llegue!! Asi que no tome fotos de las cosas que pusimos en las murallas porque se ven solitarias y vacias. Pero todo se vera mejor una vez que decore todo y la casa tome mas ambiente con fotos y repisas.
I have the cake topper on my desk all year – but it’s kind of like a Christmas decoration since our wedding was a Christmas wedding – plus I had a poinsettia bouquet. No, Javier did not wear his Colo Colo jersey on our wedding day.

I’ve had that nativity scene my whole life – I remember setting it up on my dresser when I was really young.
See the camera ornament? It’s from Old Made Good!
shell angel ornaments we made at church yesterday

While we were out and about, my mom let me know that Michael’s was having a sweet Sunday sale with 25% off all items and  an additional 25% off if you had a coupon from the Sunday paper. We needed 2 diploma frames – one for Javier’s college diploma and another one for my master’s diploma. I already had my college one framed and Javier bought a frame from Lipscomb for his MBA diploma. My BA diploma has been hanging up all by its lonesome on the wall above my desk – and off center, since we were planning on putting Javier’s next to mine – since we moved in. We FINALLY got the rest of them up this weekend – it looks great! The frames don’t match…but that’s sort of a policy in this household…very few things match, to the chagrin of my very symmetrical-loving brother. Below is a photo of the finished product! Sweet!! Aprovechando que estabamos en la onda de comprar decoraciones, mi mama nos aviso que habia una liquidacion y promocion en Michael’s con toda la tienda rebajada un 25% mas un cupon de un 25% menos que salio en el diario. Necesitabamos 2 cuadros para diplomas – one para el titulo de Javier y otro para mi maestria. Yo ya tenia el mio de la universidad y Javier habia comprado un marco para su MBA. Mi diploma era el unico colgado solo en la muralla mientras esperabamos para comprar el resto de los diplomas. POR FIN los tenemos todos y se ve GENIAL! Los marcos no son iguales, pero eso lo hace ver mas interesante y la verdad es que preferimos cosas que no coordinan. Aqui va una foto del producto final! Muy bakan!!!

10 responses to “Decorating for Christmas: final touches”

  1. Taking down Christmas decorations is my least favorite thing to do so I don’t blame you for not wanting to take down the lights. It’s a lot of hard work just to put them up for only a couple of months.

    • I can really see ourselves hanging out in the porch (with all the lights) in a nice spring night…..oh winter, i hope you pass by really fast…

  2. I like the many lights you have installed at your home – they make it look so cosy and welcoming 🙂
    And my husband totally understands the trouble with setting up so many lights, managing cords etc. Our lights get removed way after winter holidays are over – there is some magic about them and complete lack of desire to trouble oneself with being light-removing job…
    Our compliments for your well lighted home for this season! 🙂

    • Thank you! Turns out one of our strands just quit working yesterday…sigh…so we’re replacing it today. They make the porch so beautiful! Also, I love all the DIY projects on your blog! Fabulous.

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