Epic Show Flier


So last night I asked Javier to make me a flier for my next show at Puckett’s on December 23. I wanted a flier similar to the banner on this blog – a stick figure or some similar drawing so I wouldn’t have to use a photo of me singing like I always do. I want to put a flier in the sociology main office and I thought a flier with a big photo of me singing would be a little embarrassing and a flier with just typed out info would be boring and unoriginal. As we’ve mentioned before on the blog, Javier has a unique artistic talent so I knew he’d come up with something good. Anoche le pedi a Javier que hiciera un flier para mi proximo show en Puckett’s el 23 de Diciembre. Queria un flier similar al dibujo que tenemos en el blog – una figura de palitos o algo similar asi no tendria que usar una foto mia cantando como siempre. Quiero poner un flier en la oficina principal del departamento de sociologia y pienso que una foto gigante mia seria un poco vergonzoso y un poster solo con letras seria aburrido y poco original. Como mencionamos en un post anterior, Javier tiene un talento artistico unico asi que yo sabia que iba a crear algo bueno.
So for the last two hours, he’s been in the living room working and wouldn’t let me come near him. He even stole my computer twice to scan something…so I had no idea what was going on because I had asked him to draw something and I didn’t understand where the scanner factored into the equation. He just e-mailed me the final product and I pretty much died laughing. A-mazing. I already know this is going to be an awesome show. Asi que hace 2 horas, Javier ha estado trabajando en el living y no me dejaba acercarme. Incluso me quito el computador un par de veces para escanear algo….asi que no tenia idea que pasaba porque le pedi que dibujara algo y no entendia que tenia que hacer aqui el scanner. Recien me mando el producto final y practicamente me mori de la risa. Genial!! Ya se que va a ser un show increible!


We want to make sure we emphasize that this will be a Christmas show – so BRING YOUR FAMILIES AND FRIENDS for fun Christmas entertainment!! Who needs the Rockettes when you can listen to the McClure/Rodriguez duo at Pucketts?? Javi just updated the flier this morning to echo the Holiday sentiment. Enjoy!!!

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