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My art and Chupete shirts!

Since I was a kid I had a special interest in art. I wasn’t the “Mom! Mom! I want to go to the museum and look paintings and statues” kind of kid, more like “Mom! Mom! do you have a pen and a piece of paper I can use to draw?” kind of kid. I just love to use my imagination and hands to make things. Since I studied business (not so artsy) and my current job does not require imagination or making things with my hands, I’ve tried to find outlets to use my creativity and make things.

Desde pequeno he tenido interes en arte. Yo no molestaba a mi mama pidiendole que me llevara al museo a ver pintures y esculturas, la molestaba pidiendole lapiz y papel para dibujar. Me encanta usar mi imaginacion y mis manos para crear cosas. Debido a que estudie Administracion de Empresas (no muy relacionado con arte) y mi trabajo no requiere imaginacion o crear cosas con mis manos, he buscado otras maneras de usar mi creatividad y hacer cosas.

Here are some examples of my “art” that we have around the house:

Estos son algunos ejemplos de mi “arte” que tenemos en la casa:

Herman – our lint and drying sheet eater made of newspaper – glue – toilet paper – water and acrylic paint. I made him for Leslie when we just started dating. She thought it was the most terrible thing until I finished it (“are you sure this is going to look like a monster??”)and she loves Herman now.

German – nuestra traga pelusas hecho de papel de diario – pegamento – papel higienico – agua y pintura acrilica. Lo hice para Leslie cuando comenzamos a salir. Ella penso que era la cosa mas fea hasta que lo termine (me preguntaba, estas seguro esto va a parecer un monstruo?) y ahora le encanta German.

Caricatures – For Leslie’s birthday I decided to give her caricatures of her family. She loved them! Now they hang up next to the back door in our office.

Caricaturas – Para el cumpleanos de Leslie decidi regalarle caricaturas de su familia. Le encantaron! Ahora estan enmarcadas y colgadas en una de las murallas de la oficina.

I also made some caricatures of my friends and a couple of famous people. My most popular drawing is probably Obama, since Leslie found a way to get it on tv! One of the 2008 presidential debates was held at Belmont University (our alma mater) and Leslie woke up at 4AM with her friend Nikita to go support Obama with signs. I drew the caricature for Leslie and it had Obama saying “From here to the White House” (Belmont’s slogan is “from here to anywhere”) and one of the NBC team asked Leslie if he could have it to feature on TV but she was afraid she wouldn’t get it back so she didn’t give it to him. Then John Rich from Big and Rich played a song (supporting McCain) and Leslie stood behind him with the bright yellow caricature – you can see it the whole time! Check out the video here!

Tambien dibuje caricaturas de mis amigos y un par de personajes famosos. Mi dibujo mas popular es probablemente Obama, ya que Leslie lo mostro por television! Uno de los debates presidenciales fue en nuestra Universidad y Leslie se desperto a las 4 de la manana con su amiga Nikita para ir a apoyar a Obama con pancartas. Dibuje la caricatura para Leslie y era Obama diciendo “desde aqui a la Casa Blance” y una persona de la cadena de television NBC le pregunto a Leslie si lo podian llevar para mostrarlo en camara pero ella tuvo miedo que no se lo iban a devolver asi que dijo que no. Luego John Rich del grupo Big and Rich toco una cancion en un matinal apoyando a McCain y Leslie se paro atras de el con su caricatura en cartulina amarilla – se puede ver todo el video! Vean el video aqui!

I also built doghouses for Chupete and Choripan. I made them with insulated walls, roof and floor, removable roof, and two rooms for extra privacy! (They need decoration but I wont say anything about that until we are done decorating them)

Tambien construi casas para Chupete y Choripan. Las construi con aislante en las murallas, suelo, y techo, techo removible, y con dos piezas para mayor privacidad! (Necesitan decoracion pero no dire nada sobre eso hasta que las terminemos de decorar)

However, the project that I am most excited to work on is Chupete Shirts! So far I have printed two designs Chupete Nashville and DJ Chupete, but I have a ton of other designs waiting to be printed. All the shirts are limited editions, collectable pieces featuring Chupete, a lollypop with an amazing personality and love for travel. I actually started the brand before we adopted our dog Chupete, so the lollypop comes first. The idea is that the shirts feature Chupete on his wayward adventures all over the world. It’s been so much fun for me to get into this project and I hope I’ll be able to continue printing the shirts as long as new ideas keep coming to me for drawings. On that note, you can help me by supporting Chupete’s adventures! Click on the photos below or on the right-hand side of the blog – they’re linked to Etsy pages where you can buy the shirts! I’d really appreciate the support!

Sin embargo, el projecto que mas ganas tengo que funcione y se vuelva popular son las camisetas Chupete! Hasta ahora he impreso dos disenos Chupete Nashville y DJ Chupete, pero tengo un monton mas esperando para ser impresos. Todas las camisetas tienen a Chupete, un chupete una incredible personalidad y amor por viajar, todas son edicion limitada, coleccionable. La marca la cree antes de adoptar nuestro primer perro. La idea es que las camisetas muestren las aventuras de Chupete alrededor del mundo. Ha sido muy entretenido trabajar en este projecto y espero poder continuar imprimiendo camisetas mientras mas ideas sigan viniendo a mi cabeza. Siguendo con este tema, me puedes ayudar a apoyando las aventuras de Chupete! Haz click en las fotos aqui abajo o en la barra de la derecha del blog – son links a mi tienda virtual en Etsy donde puedes comprar camisetas! Les agradeceria muchisimo el apoyo!


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  1. I love how your creativity has so many different outlets! And I love wearing my Chupete Tshirts! It will be fun to see how you will continue to give expression to your creative self.

  2. gracias Javi for writing in both English and Spanish!!! hopefully by next year, i’ll be able to hold a conversation with you in Spanish!! hope you and Leslie are doing well!

    • Yeah girl!! Javi translates every post into Spanish so his friends and family can read along and so people can practice!! You’ll be talking in Spanish in no time!

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