Doggy daycare and Dog boarding

After a wonderful trip to Denver, CO, we finally picked up our puppies from their “hotel”. Soon we will be making a series of blogs about our trip to Denver, but for this post we want to focus on the great service that the Dog Spot provides! Luego de un viaje maravilloso a Denver, Colorado, por fin fuimos a buscar a nuestros cachorros a su “hotel”. Pronto escribiremos sobre nuestro viaje a Denver, pero para este post nos queremos concentar en el grand servicio que The Dog Spot ofrece!
We became clients of the Dog Spot not long ago. One weekend we were going out of town on a Saturday morning, and our plan was to put the dogs in a kennel very early and then start driving. We had reservations and we were ready but we didn’t know that the place they were going to stay wouldn’t check any dog in until 10am (which doesn’t seem very practical to us)! Of course, we didn’t figure this out until really late on Friday night. Nos volvimos clients del Dog Spot hace poco. Un fin de semana ibamos a salir fuera de la ciudad un Sabado en la manana, y nuestor plan era dejar a los perros en el hotel canino muy temprano y empezar a manejar. Teniamos reservas y estabamos listos pero no sabiamos que el lugar no aceptaba perros hasta despues de las 10 de la manana (algo que nos parece muy poco practico)! Y claro, no nos dimos cuenta de esto hasta el Viernes tarde en la noche.

Their cool looking building

We started to ask people about places that offered dog boarding and we got a recommendation about a new place that opened in East Nashville named The Dog Spot. We called them very early in the morning that Saturday and asked if we could leave our dogs with them. They were very nice and understood our situation, and told us the dogs were welcome to stay but we needed to bring their vaccination history and they needed to pass a personality test. We were glad to hear that they asked for all this and wouldn’t just take a random dog without knowing if he/she was healthy and sociable. Empezamos a preguntarle a amigos sobre lugares que ofrecian el servicio de hotel canino y recibimos una recomendacion sobre un Nuevo lugar que habia abierto en el Esta de Nasvhille hace muy poco llamado The Dog Spot. Los llamamos muy temprano el Sabado y preguntamos si los perros se podian quedar con ellos. Fueron muy gentiles y entendieron la situacion, nos dijeron que los perros era bienvenidos pero necesitabamos llevarles las ficahs de vacunas y los perros tenian que pasar una prueba de temperamento. Nos puso contentos escuchar que nos pidieran esto en vez de aceptar cualquier perro sin saber si estan sanos y que son sociables.
This place is great, and it is getting even better as they continue to build their infrastructure to provide a better service for dogs AND owners. The people working there are super friendly, great with dogs, and really focused on providing the best service possible. They offered us a tour of the place so we could see where Chupete and Choripan would be spending the weekend, and we were really glad to see an organized, clean, and dog-friendly facility. Their prices are really good compared to other places around town and the location is, without a doubt, a great selling point for us. And of course we can’t forget……Chupete and Choripan love to spend time at The Dog Spot!! Este lugar es genial, y mejora cada vez mas ya que continuan arreglando su infraestructura para asi ofrecer un major servicio para perros y duenos. Las personas que trabajan ahi son muy amigables, muy buenos con los perros, y muy centrados en ofrecer el major servicio posible.  Nos dieron un tour del lugar para que podamos ver donde se iban a alojar Chupete y Choripan, y quedamos muy contentos al ver que el lugar es limpio, organizado, y hecho para los perros. Los precios son buenos comparado con otro lugares y la ubicacion es, sin duda, lo que nos hizo elegir este lugar! Y no podemos olvidar…..Chupete y Choripan adoran pasar tiempo en el Dog Spot!

If you are looking for a place for your dogs to stay overnight or for the day, check out The Dog Spot. These folks are working hard to make this place the best in Nashville. They have very convenient hours and a brand new outside area with a tall wood privacy fence where dogs can spend quality time outside. They also have webcams, which most doggy daycares have nowadays, but these webcams don’t have a delay or a terrible connection like most do, so you can see them playing around and having fun. You can also access the webcam from your phone (well, from the iphone at least, which is what we have). One other fun extra is that they update their facebook page with photos from the doggy daycare pretty regularly, so your pup may just show up on their page! I mentioned already that their prices are really good and most importantly……they LOVE dogs!!! Si estas buscando un lugar donde tus perros pueden pasar la noche o jugar durante el dia, dale un vistazo a el Dog Spot. Ellos continuan trabajando duro para hacer este lugar el major en Nashville y a pesar de que son un nuevos, la gente que mueve este lugar tiene muchos anos de experiencia dirigiando hotels caninos. Tienen horarios convenientes y un area de juegos afuera protegida con una reja de Madera muy alta y bien cerrada. Ya mencione los buenos precios y lo mas importante…….ellos AMAN a los perros!!

Chupete doing what he loves the most......wrestling!

Visit their website for more information (click here), or give them a call at (615) 385-1800 or visit them at 1004 Gallatin Ave, Nashville, TN 37206. Los Rodriguez Life is happy to have The Dog Spot nearby and ready to host our beasts! Visiten su website para mas informacion (click aqui), o llame al (615) 385-1800 o visitenlos en la direccion 1004 Gallatin Ave, Nashville TN 37206. Los Rodriguez Life esta feliz de tener al Dog Spot cerca y siempre listos para alojar a nuestras bestias!

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