Floyd’s View Farm

Happy Memorial Day! We are still in social distancing mode while Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc on 2020, but today we actually found a new adventure that was outside, away from people, and something new and different for Penny. Win win win! We took Penny and Goldie out to visit our friend Ken Marks’ new organic produce venture: Floyd’s View Farm. Ken is my best friend Danielle’s dad, and his new farm / greenhouse is USDA Certified Organic. Javi and I have already eaten our way through two giant bags of the delicious produce, and today we went out to the greenhouse to check out the setup and take some photos.

We have recently been trying to teach Penny about gardening and instill a love for eating vegetables, so all spring she’s been “helping” Javi plant and water his tomatoes and lettuce in our own garden. She’s much more likely to eat something if she had a hand in making it, so growing vegetables seems like a great way to encourage a healthy diet. She was fascinated by the plants at Floyd’s View Farm, and was especially excited to help Javi pick a few carrots (she held them in the car all the way home like they were a stuffed animal).

If you’re looking to buy local produce, support local business, and eat delicious, fresh veggies, check out the Floyd’s View Farm website. There will be more offerings on the website as tomatoes and other produce continue to grow over the coming months!

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