Put the "Social" in Social Distancing

In an effort to encourage some social interaction in this time of social distancing, we created ten prompts you can put on facebook, instagram, or in your instagram stories to get your friends and family interacting and hopefully laughing! Pretty much every comment to these puts a smile on my face, and that’s pretty valuable during a time when we could all use some more smiles! I left a space in the stories prompts where you can put a “question” prompt – see the example below.

En un esfuerzo por promover la interaccion social en este tiempo de distanciamiento, creamos 10 posts que puede user en Facebook, Instagram or Historias de Instagram para compartir con amigos y familia y ojala reirse un rato! Practicamente cualquier comentario puede poner una sonrisa en la la cara de alguien, y eso es valioso en estos momentos cuando se pueden usar mas sonrisas! Deje un espacio en las historias donde pueden escriri una “pregunta” – vean el ejemplo abajo.

Save the prompts and use them on your own social media, and share this post so your friends can do the same. Also…we left one slightly vulgar one in here…we couldn’t help ourselves. It can be pretty damn funny.

Salven los posts, usenlos en sus redes sociales, y compartan este post con sus amigos para que hagan lo mismo. Tambine …hay uno un poquito vulgar…no pudimos resistirnos. Es muy gracioso. 

Instagram Feed & Facebook Prompts :

Instagram Story Prompts:

2 responses to “Put the "Social" in Social Distancing”

  1. Since I’m retired and don’t do emogis, I can’t answer some of the questions. I have 2 totally cool answers though. Who’s going to save me? Jean Luc Picard. What do I get a lifetime supply of? Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Nuggets. I think I’ve got a good chance of being saved and if I have some wine to go with the nuggets, I could be a happy camper waiting to get saved.

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