DIY: Wood Poster Hanger Tutorial [video]

We scored two beautiful Christmas posters today for less than $10 at Scout in NULU and decided to make our own wood poster hangers! We made a little tutorial video, and the materials / steps are detailed below. If this tutorial is useful to you, please pin it / share it and help spread the DIY love!

Here’s our step-by-step video guide to making your own poster hanger – complete with a noisy toddler and singing grandmother in the background! 🙂


  • scissors
  • yarn
  • square dowel / wood rod (we bought ours at Home Depot)
  • double sided tape (like this)
  • boxcutter
  • poster

Step 1: Cut the wood rods to be 1″ wider than the poster itself so you have a little extra on each side of the poster.

Step 2: Measure and cut the double-sided tape to match the length of the wood rods. The double-sided tape we used was slightly wider than the rod we picked out, so we used the boxcutter to slice off the excess tape so that it only covered the wood.

Step 3: Cut the yarn to the length of the rod and place the ends of the yarn on the very ends of the double-sided tape. This rod is now the top rod you will use to hang the poster.

Step 4: Line the rod up to the edge of the poster with the tape facing away from you, double check 5 times to make CERTAIN you have the poster centered, and slowly roll the taped side of the rod onto the top of the poster. Press firmly and keep the yarn out of the way so that it doesn’t get stuck between the rod and the poster (you only want that to happen at each end to hold the yarn in place).

Step 5: Do the same with the bottom rod and the bottom of the poster and voila – you’re finished!

Javi purposely covered the entire bottom rod with double-sided tape, even the part that doesn’t touch the poster. This way he can press it against our wall to keep it from moving. Do this if you want but just know that it could peel your wall paint off if you press it too hard against your wall. We are just going to slightly tap it to the wall to hold it in place at the bottom.

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  1. Hey, this is a great video and it is very clearly briefing everything. I really love this video and I am inspired to try this. Thank you for sharing this video, I really like it, will share this as much as possible.

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