35mm Mommas

Over the last two months I’ve been scanning my grandma’s old family slides and have collected some real gems of motherhood and grandmotherhood in photos from the 1950s-1980s. I’ve been obsessed with photos my whole life (surprise!) and pored over our family albums as a kid to the point where I thought I had seen every photo of my grandparents, parents, and me and Ian that my family possessed. These slides revealed images of everyone that I had never seen before; it’s been a real treasure trove. I’ll share more soon but here are a few motherhood and grandmotherhood favorites to celebrate Mother’s Day!


a photo from a mission trip my mom’s family took to Mexico in 1970
another photo from the same trip to Mexico in 1970



my mom pregnant with my brother 1982


a rare photo because they lived so far apart – my grandmother and grandma together under one roof at my dad’s parents’ house in Alabama


5 responses to “35mm Mommas”

  1. LOVE these pictures! Such a beautiful sneak peek back into their era. I see so many resemblances in you all!

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