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Dad Life in 35mm

After the post 35mm moms I had to do the same to celebrate Father’s Day! If you missed the last post, I’ve been busy scanning hundreds of my grandma’s Kodak slides (and I’m moving on to the McClure family next) and falling completely in love with the treasure trove therein. I had never seen any of these photos before, and they were all from life between the 1950s-1980s (meaning there are a handful of me in there too!). There aren’t many photos of my grandpa in dad-mode because he’s usually the one behind the camera, but there are definitely a couple of real gems! And by the time the slides from the 1980s roll around there are a few classic dad pics of my own dad in action with me and Ian. Enjoy!

1970August019 1958summer006 1951wedding019 (1)
My dad, his dad, and Ian on my granddaddy’s farm in Springville, AL
1983june008 1983june0031984039 1984002198401419840251991summer0501991summer051 1987July0031987July0211987July0531987July0561987July0571988summer0071990summer016

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