Derby 2018 Pt. 2

On Derby morning I did a quick photo session with Corinne and her group of friends from law school before they headed off to Churchill Downs. It would be so much fun to shoot a Derby-themed wedding…all of the fashion and colors and hats and mint juleps. Or maybe I just need to book a wedding in England…anyone out there want to pass my info around for me? Anyway, I put up a blog with a few photos from this session on my photography site. You can check out more photos here.



It seems like Louisville just can’t enjoy good weather for both Derby AND Oaks, and this year Derby got the brunt of the bad. It rained – poured – all. day. long. After Corinne’s house we stayed inside and dry while Penny got her two naps of the day. Once rested, we ventured out into the rain with the rest of Louisville and headed over to Ian and Andrea’s for their annual Derby party. The rain was on and off the whole time we were there, but that didn’t stop the (many, MANY) kiddos there from running around outside and jumping for hours in the bouncy castle. Javi and I didn’t win anything, but the party was a success! Another happy Derby season in the books – can’t wait for 2019!










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