Derby 2018 pt.1

Happy Derby! It’s been so crazy around here with Derby season, wedding season picking up in my photography world, spring landscaping and gardening, and on top of everything Penny is teething so we are surviving on minimal sleep. On Thursday night we went to Javier’s company’s annual Derby party at the Kentucky Derby Museum and zombie’d our way through it after about 3 hours total of shuteye the night previous, but damnit it was fun to get out and enjoy a couple of mint juleps! Today (Derby) we are heading over to Ian and Andrea’s for a Derby party – I should have made P a hat. Next year.


Last week we went to my *favorite* Derby event: the Ballon Glimmer! We met up with the Winklers and the McClures and took Penny to her first Kentucky Derby Festival Chow Wagon – the weather was perfect and it was a lovely evening for my camera. We also were up early enough on Thursday morning to watch the Citi Bank Charity Balloon Race go right over our house. I love living this close to Bowman Field where they lift off! I hoped and planned to go to the Great Balloon Race liftoff but it was on Saturday morning and I had to drive to Cincinnati to shoot a wedding…more on that later. Anyway, here are some photos to prove we are actually getting out of the house.  Enjoy!









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