Day Off in CO

Today is a good day. I woke up this morning and, miraculously, I could smell a pot of fresh coffee already made. I assumed I would be the first one in this group to wake up this morning, but Josh beat me to it. He fixed a pot of coffee earlier but had since gone back to bed, so lo and behold I had a whole pot waiting for me and about half an hour to enjoy it by myself in the quiet of the morning on the back deck of the Tam family cabin in Bailey, CO. I’m drinking coffee and eating oreos, so it’s definitely a day off. One glorious day in the mountains relaxing and maybe getting a hike in before coming back to grill brats and watch Interstellar or some other movie the guys got from Redbox yesterday on our way here. We slept in, which is a rare event while on tour. We have no schedule today, no need to be anywhere, and we’ll probably even get some writing time in. It’s a good day! Hoy es un buen dia.  Desperte en la manana y, milagrosamente, pude oler la tetera con cafe recien preparado. Pense que seria la primera en despertar del grupo, pero Josh me gano. El hizo el cafe temprano pero volvio a su cama, asi que ahi estaba yo con un jarro de cafe esperandome y media hora para disfrutar la tranquila manana, sola en la cabana de la familia Tam en Bailey, Colorado. Estoy tomando cafe y comiendo galletas, asi que es definitivamente un dia libre. Un glorioso dia en las montanas, donde podre relajarme, salir a caminar, tirar unas longanizas a la parrilla, y ver alguna pelicula. Dormimos hasta tarde, lo que no pasa muy seguido cuando estamos en tour. Hoy no tenemos nada en la agenda, no tenemos que ir a ninguna parte, y lo mas probable es que vamos a escribir una cancion. Es un buen dia!

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^we did go on a little hike around the cabin!

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Compare this to two days ago, when we started off the day with a 5am alarm, 6am leave time, and I had the first driving shift. When I’m on the road I save clothes throughout the trip so that I definitely have something clean toward the middle and the end in case we don’t get a chance to do laundry – and on this day I specifically wore one of my favorite comfy, fresh and clean track suits because I knew I’d need a pick-me-up for waking up that early. It’s mid-tour, so one of the only clean ‘fits I have left. Of course it’d happen that on our first gas stop the pump clicks when it finishes, and I went to put the nozzle away and was suddenly doused in a spray of yellow gasoline. All over my clean clothes. All over ME. So, I went straight to the bathroom with a change of clothes (not the fresh and clean kind, because I’m going to have to wear them and now I smell like the monster in Fern Gully) and dumped my track suit in the bathroom sink with the hot water on to at least get a rinse. The now-gasoline-and-water-soaked tracksuit went in the very back, and we were on our way again. Comparen esto con los últimos dos dias, cuando nos levantamos a las 5 am para salir a las 6 am y yo era la primera en manejar. Cuando estamos de viaje, siempre me aseguro de tener ropa limpia que me dure todo el viaje – por que a veces no sabes si tendras acceso a una lavadora – y en este dia especificamente estaba usando mi tenida mas comoda y limpia porque necesitaba motivacion por haberme levantado tan temprano. Es la mitad del tour, asi que era uno de las pocas tenidas que me quedaban. Obvio que tenia que pasar que en la primera parada a hechar bencina, la manguera se active cuando estoy por guardarla me bana en bencina amarilla. Mi ropa arruinada. Asi que me fui directo al bano a cambiarme y tratar de remojar mi tenida en el lavamanos con agua caliente. La bolsa con ropa pasada a bencina tuvo que viajar en la parte de atras de la van. Pero estabamos de nuevo en ruta.

^this guy was on the road next to us. He was having a better day than I was. 

We stopped at a grocery store with a Starbucks later that day and I bought a bottle of Tide stain remover and dumped it all over my tracksuit. So it was soaked in gas, water and Tide, and was a soggy lump of disgusting. Bobby brushed it with his arm while unloading the van once we got to the venue and wanted to puke. Paramos en el supermercado y compre detergente removedor de manchas y lo tire todo en mi ropa. Asi que estaba todo mojado con bencina, agua, y detergente. En un momento senti el olor de la bolsa y me dieron ganas de vomitar.
I have since been able to wash the tracksuit in a hot washer with vinegar and baking soda, and after air-drying them in the mountain air I finally got the thumbs up from the guys that it no longer stinks, and miracle-of-miracles, the gigantic yellow stain is gone. So guess what? Now I am wearing my newly-cleaned, favorite gray tracksuit, eating oreos and drinking coffee, looking out at the distance where the trees thin out and I can see the mountains. Today is a good day. Desde entonces he lavado la ropa con distintos productos y despues de airearla en las montanas, los chicos por fin de dieron el visto bueno. La ropa no olia mal, un milagro de milagros, incluso la mancha amarilla desaparecio. Asi que adivinen… estoy usando mi tenida comoda, comiendo galletas, tomando cafe, y mirando a la distancia donde los arboles desaperecen y dan paso a las montanas. Hoy es un buen dia.

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  1. Thanks Les. Well that gasoline dunking was potentially disastrous so glad it’s a good day — or has been.

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