Garden update! Roses, peonies, pansies…!

These past couple of weeks have been exceptionally warm, so the garden in the back and the beds in front have been exploding. The last time I posted the tulips were just coming up – and since then they all bloomed in a brilliant explosion of colors and subsequently shriveled up and fell apart. Now, the front bed has maybe 10 tulips left (of 150!) and the rest we dead-headed, so now it’s just foliage and stems soaking up the sun to make even better tulips next year. Estas ultimas semanas han sido especialmente calurosas, asi que el jardin del frente y la huerta han fulminado con vida. La ultima vez que escribimos sobre los tulipanes, estos apenas habian brotado – y desde entonces florecieron en una explosion de colores para luego decaer y desaparecer. Ahora el jardin del frente tiene tal vez 10 tulipanes restantes (de 150!) y los demas han sido cortados para que quede solo las hojas que acaparan la energia para las flores del proximo ano.

DSC_5835 DSC_5846 DSC_5847 DSC_5850 DSC_5852 DSC_5856 DSC_5859

Meanwhile, the butterfly bushes are starting to show some serious signs of life, and once those get going they grow fast. The hydrangeas are also getting bushier, and the rose bushes have hundreds of buds just marinating. It’s going to be a nuisance to prune those this year because there are so many buds compared to last year – but that also means the side of the house is going to be beautiful with red roses all summer long! Por mientras los arbustos de mariposas estan comenzando a mostrar senales de vida, y una vez que comienzan a crecer…no los paras mas. Las hortencias estan comenzando a crecer tambien, y las rosas ya tienen cientos de capullos esperando para florecer. Va a ser tedioso podarlas este ano porque tienen muchisimos capullos comparadas con el ano pasado – pero eso solo significa que la casa se vera aun mejor y con mas rosas durante el verano!

DSC_5945 DSC_5940 DSC_5939

The pansies, which never bloomed in the late winter like they were supposed to, have finally sprung to life and are doing pretty well, though not as well as last year. The creeping Jenny’s have also begun to grow again and are starting to fall over the sides like we intended. Javi and I spent some time this week re-mulching the front and side beds, and we’ll continue to work on that next week while Javier is on break. Las orejas de oso, que no pudieron florecer durante el invierno como se suponia, finalmente retomaron vida y estan creciendo bien, aunque no tan bien como el ano pasado. Las Jenny escaladora (?) tambien ha comenzado a crecer y esperamos que caiga por los lados de los barriles. Javi y yo pasamos tiempo esta semana poniendo mulch en las jardienras y continuaremos trabajando en el jardin mientras Javier este de vacaciones.

DSC_5936 DSC_5934DSC_5938 DSC_5937 DSC_5932 DSC_5941

In the back, we planted all of the sprouting vegetable plants into their permanent summer homes in the raised beds. Now we’re growing cucumbers, zucchinis, watermelons, peppers, beans, tomatoes (3 different varieties), and several different flowers. I loved how well the zinnias did last year, so this year we planted even more zinnia varieties along with the usual sunflowers and some other new experiments. We will keep posting as everything continues to grow! En la huerta, plantamos todos los vegetales que comenzamos de semilla. Tenemos pepinos, zapallo italiano, sandias, pimientos, porotos, tomates (3 variedades), y diferentes tipos de flores. Me encantaron las zinnias el ano pasado, asi que este ano plantamos diferentes variedades junto a girasoles y otras flores que estamos experiementando. Los mantendremos al tanto de como todo continua creciendo!


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