See you next year garden!

Fall is almost here and the weather and pests have conspired against my garden. In the last update we told you about our attempt to rescue all our pepper plants and the harvest of the sweet potatoes. We discovered that squash bugs were the reason why our plants died, but luckily we got the peppers away from the garden before something else tried to eat them too. El otono ya casi esta aqui y el tiempo y las pestes han conspirado contra mi huerta. En el ultimo post de la huerta les conte sobre nuestro intento de rescatar todas las plantas de pimientos, ajies y como cosechamos los camotes. Descubrimos que los zapallos fueron atacados por bichos del zapallo y esa fue la razon por la que murieron, pero por suerte sacamos los pimientos y ajies de la huerta a tiempo, antes que algo las atacara y se las comieran tambien.

My last tasks in the garden were to take out the tomatoes, clean the corn patch, take down the fencing and cut the grass around the beds. I also covered the bed with chicken wire to stop Chupete and Choripan from digging soil out of them. There is only one lone survivor in the vegetable garden – the asparagus. We will keep it there so it continues getting bigger and hopefully in the next seasons we can harvest it. The roses will keep the asparagus company…I can’t move those barrels, not even after P90X! Maybe we need to hire the Hulk to help us out and move them to the front. Mi ultimas tareas en la huerta eran sacar los tomates, limpiar la plantacion de choclos, sacar las reja y cortar el pasto cerca de las jardineras. Tambien cubri las jardineras con rejilla para detener a Chupete y Choripan de intentar buscar petroleo en ellas. Solo queda un sobreviviente en la huerta – el esparrago. Lo mantendremos ahi hasta para que crezca y ojala podamos cosechar algo la proxima temporada. Las rosas le mantendran compania…no puedo mover esos barriles, ni siquiera despues de hacer P90X! Tal vez necesito contratar a Hulk para que nos ayude a moverlas al frente.

We have a really busy fall coming up, so we decided to not grow fall vegetables this year. Instead we will take it easy and try to enroll in a master gardener program here in Nashville. Our goals are to gain enough knowledge to work on the landscape of our house and grow a more successful garden next year. We are excited! For now, let’s hope the peppers we moved indoors will keep growing and producing! Tenemos un otono muy ocupado, asi que decidimos no hacer una huerta de otono este ano. En vez, vamos a intentar inscribirnos en una clase de jardineria aqui en Nashville. Nuestra meta es aprender lo suficiente para poder trabajar en la fachada de la casa y tener una mejor huerta el proximo ano. Estamos con ganas! Por ahora esperemos que las plantas que movimos al frente de la casa seguiran creciendo y produciendo!

That’s the last from the garden, but I do need to get it ready for next season. So I am calling all experienced gardeners out there… we need some help. What can I do to prevent the squash bugs from coming back next year? I moved the dirt around and killed as many as I could see, the beds are now totally empty of any garden debris, but will they be in the dirt waiting for next season? The more organic the solution the better…..please let us knows if you have a tip! Esas son las ultimas noticias de la huerta, pero necesito preparar todo para la proxima temporada. Asi que estoy llamando a todos los jardineros con experiencia…necesitamos ayuda. Que podemos hacer para prevenir que los bichos del zapallo vuelvan el proximo ano? Movi la tierra y mate la mayor cantidad que pude, las jadineras estan limpias sin restos de plantas, pero no se si van a estar ahi en la tierra la proxima temporada? Mientras mas organica la solucion mejor….por favor cuentenos algun secretito que tengan!

7 responses to “See you next year garden!”

  1. Your first mention of squash bugs had me booing and hissing: they obliterated my elder daughter’s pumpkins one by one, just as they were getting big. And then something devoured the others from the inside. Hey, what’s New England Halloween without pumpkins?
    So we’re looking forward to any good, organic battle plans for next year.
    Yeah, you already know about next year.
    What’s that about misery loving company? How about victory?
    Good luck. (It’s always something.) The catalogs will begin arriving in a few weeks.

    • Haha always something, that is the truth. I have been looking online for possible solutions but most of the advice I can find talks about the bugs already being in the plants, but I DONT HAVE ANY PLANTS LEFT!!
      I have even thought about not planting any type of squash, or cucumber next year, but we love zucchini and cucumbers….those bugs cannot win the war. I hope someone shares a good plan to keep them away or get rid of them during the off season. I also need to learn more about companion plants for the garden next year in order to bring good bugs that will control these little bastards….grrrrr
      So sorry about the pumpkins…you have to have pumpkins! October 1st we will be working on some halloween decorations, Leslie is very excited! It’s her favorite season.

  2. Good luck on your garden next year andyour asparagus! I’m enrolling in a master gardeners class too since i just movedto arizona and the seasons are so very different. PS – I don’t even think Hulk could lift those whiskey barrels. Maybe Chuck Norris…

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