Making Sun Dried Tomatoes

Our cherry tomato plant is by far the most prolific in our garden. Every day we harvest at least a cup of cherry tomatoes and with only one tomato eater at home we needed to figure something out so those little guys wouldn’t go to waste. We thought about canning but we wouldn’t eat them…Leslie made pebre a couple of weeks ago with a ton of them, but you can imagine how tedious it is to cut those little red balls into even smaller pieces. So after thinking of ideas, we realized that it would be cool to add them to pizza in the form of sun dried tomatoes. Perfect! So we found some directions on the internet and did the experiment. The catch…we used the oven to dry them…so they aren’t sun dried tomatoes but more like oven dried tomatoes. Nuestra planta de tomates cherry es lejos la mas prolifera de nuestra huerta. Cada dia cosechamos por lo menos una taza de tomates y con solo una persona que come tomates en casa necesitabamos encontrar una manera de usarlos sin que se fueran a la basura. Pensamos en hacerlos conserva pero no los comeriamos…Leslie hizo pebre un par de semana atras con un monton de tomates, pero se pueden imaginar lo tedioso que es cortar esas pelotitas rojas en pedacitos aun mas pequenos. Asi que despues de pensar en diferentes ideas, nos dimos cuenta que seria genial poderlos agregar a una pizza pero secados al sol. Perfecto! Asi que encontramos recetas de como hacerlo (en la internet) e hicimos el experimento. Eso si….usamos el horno para secarlos….asi que no son tomates sacados al sol sino secados al horno.

We used the oven because it is faster, easier to control, and we make sure those little squirrels and birds out there don’t have a feast with our experiment. So here is what we did. First, we cut the tomatoes in half and placed them on an oven sheet. We sprayed the sheet with a little oil to make sure the tomatoes wouldn’t stick. We set the oven to 200F and let the tomatoes dry for about 4 hours. Now…we did make a mistake and took too long to get them out of the oven (this is not a exact science people!) so about half of them ended up more like oven dried to charcoal tomatoes. The other half though….delicious! Perfect for pizza and a great way to use our cherry tomatoes. Next time we try we will make sure to keep a closer eye on them. Usamos el horno porque es mas rapido, facil de controlar, y nos aseguramos que esas ardillitas y pajaritos no se hacen un festin con nuestro experimento. Asi que esto fue lo que hicimos. Primero, cortamos los tomates a la mitad y los pusimos en una lata – la lata la rociamos con una pelicula de aceite para que nada se pegara. Pusimos el horno a 95 grados celcius y pusimos los tomates a secar por 4 horas. Ahora…si cometimos un error y tomamos mucho tiempo en sacarlos del horno (esto no es una ciencia perfecta gente!) asi que mas o menos la mitad de los tomates terminaron secos y carbonizados. La otra mitad….deliciosos! Perfectos para ponerlos en la pizza y una gran manera de usar los tomates cherry. La proxima vez nos aseguraremos de estar pendientes al horno.

11 responses to “Making Sun Dried Tomatoes”

  1. I used to eat those little tomatoes, send me some if you have more than enough lol! Not the burned ones though! lol

    It’s funny to have your own vegetable garden but I’m sure it gives a lot of work and requires many kinds of care maintenance.

  2. Mmmmm I love dried tomatoes! I always have a jar of them in the fridge (in oil) and keep them dried also. To reconstitute dried tomatoes you can soak them in boiled water for an hour or so, with a little lemon juice added to it.

    Also a great way to not let a surplus of tomatoes go to waste is to use them in a chutney. The sugar and vinegar will do all the preserving.

    I appreciate all the time invested in such a project! And a bilingual blog also requires a lot of time. Spanish is so much easier to understand when I read it than when I hear it, even though I heard Spanish spoken for seven months while I lived in Spain! So here I can get a little practice also…

    • thanks for the tip!! I never even thought of a chutney – that’s a wonderful idea.

      So glad you like the Spanish and can use it for your benefit! We hoped when we first started the blog that people would be able to use both languages (that is, besides Javier’s family) to their advantage. There aren’t many bilingual blogs out there. Thanks for reading!

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