Windowsill Collection

Last week in the mail Javi and I got a really cool gift from my uncle Warren. Warren is a high school chemistry and earth sciences teacher and has been collecting rocks, minerals, fossils, sharks teeth – you name it – for as long as I can remember. His collection is AMAZING and he’s won  all kinds of awards at state / county fairs. Growing up every summer when I would go visit California he would bring me some cool specimen –  and my very favorites were the unopened geodes that he would bring and open up with me and Ian. It was so amazing opening up this weird looking rock and finding incredible mineral formations inside. I’ll never forget it. La semana pasada, Javi y yo recibimos un regalo muy genial en el correo por parte de mi tio Warren. Warren es un professor de quimica y geologia y ha coleccionado rocas, minerals, fosiles, dientes de Tiburon – todo que tenga que ver con la tierra – desde siempre. Su coleccion es ESPECTACULAR y ha ganado un monton de premio en las ferias del estado / condado. Todos los veranos que iba a visitor a California cuando nina, el siempre traia algun Nuevo specimen – y mi favorite eran los que todavia no habian sido abiertos y el los abria conmigo e Ian. Era incredible abrir esas rocas y descubrir las mas fantasticas formaciones minerals dentro. Nunca lo olvidare.

Since Javier and I started dating, Warren has given us the most beautiful minerals every time we come around. The first time we visited San Diego in 2008 he gave us a beautiful teal rock and he gave Javi an awesome shark’s tooth. Then the next year we came out and we were engaged and he gave us a beautiful black stone and a pink rock and then when we got married we got another bigger teal and white mineral. This year for my birthday he sent me a gorgeous mineral and this time I got the name – malachite. Warren told me that malachite gets the green color from water, and is essentially the same mineral as azurite, which is a deep blue. If azurite contained water in the makeup of the mineral, it would turn from blue to green. The earth is amazing. Desde que Javier y yo comenzamos a salir. Warren nos ha regalado los mas hermosos minerals cuando lo vemos. La primera vez que lo visitamos en San Diego, me regalo una piedra aquamarina hermosa y a Javi le regalo un diente de Tiburon genial. Al año siguiente, fuimos  visitar cuando estabamos ya comprometidos y nos regalo un cristal negro precioso y una rosa rosada y cuando nos casamos, nos dio otra aquamarina y blanca. Este año para mi cumpleaños, me envio un mineral maravilloso y esta vez tengo el nombre – malaquita. Warren me dijo que la malaquita obtiene su color verde del agua, y es practicamente el mismo mineral que la azurite, que tiene un color azul profundo. Si la azurite tuviese agua en su composicion mineral, se volveria de azul a verde. La tierra es asombroza.

We keep all of our minerals (and shark tooth!) on the windowsill in our kitchen. This one rounds out the colors nicely – we’ve got teal, black, pink, white and now a bright green. The rocks are a daily reminder of the truly amazing things that come out of the earth – I love my little collection of natural beauty. Mantenemos todos nuestros minerales (y diente de tiburon!) en nuestra ventana de la cocina. Esta ultima agrega colores a la perfeccion – tenemos aquamarina, negro, rosado, blanco y ahora verde. Las rocas son un recuerdo diario de las cosas maravillozas que vienen de la tierra – me encanta mi coleccion de bellezas naturales.

4 responses to “Windowsill Collection”

  1. Lovely to see your collection and of course it’s equally lovely to have the inter-generational connection happening. I have a lovely light green one from my 80th, and at the moment I can’t think of the name — begins with “b” — not much help!

  2. Such beautiful malachite (and photos!) One thing I love about malachite is that it used to be crushed up and used as a green pigment for paints, and that it makes beautiful rings when you cut it open too 🙂 Thanks for sharing these – I’d like to repost if you don’t mind!

    • sure you can repost! Glad you enjoyed it! My uncle actually told me that malachite was used to paint the ceiling of the sistine chapel!

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