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Doglympic dreams: More Adventures with Tongo and Zongo

Every 4 years there is an event that motivates dogs to run faster, jump higher, bark louder, and chew stronger, the Doglympics! This year, the games will be held in a dog park in London. With a landscape designed to demand the highest athletic performance from those participating, dogs all over the world are training in their backyards and local dog parks to represent their countries in this magnificent event. Chupetongo and Chorizongo heard about the games during the daily neighborhood discussion after dark, but since everyone was barking at the same time they couldn’t figure out which disciplines they could compete in. Cada 4 anos hay un evento que motiva a los perros a correr mas rapido, saltar mas alto, ladrar mas fuerte, y masticar con mas ganas, la Perrolimpiadas! Este ano, los juegos seran un un parque en Londres. Con un terreno disenado especialmente para demandar lo mejor de los participantes, perros de todo el mundo estan entrenando en sus patios y parque de perros locales en preparacion para representar a sus paises en este magnifico evento. Chupetongo y Chorizongo escucharon sobre los juegos durante su discusion nocturna con los perros del barrio, pero como todos ladraban al mismo tiempo no pudieron decidir en que disciplina participar.
So to increase their chances of winning a bacon medal (bacon, liver, and chicken skin in that order) they decided to get off the couch and practice the many different disciplines they thought they could win: the chosen activities were greco-roman wrestling, pole vault, and garden lap relay.Chorizongo was eager to train, and he hated when Chupetongo was lazy and wanted to sleep longer. Asi que para mejorar sus posibilidades de ganarse una medalla de tocino (tocino, higado, y pollo en ese orden) decidieron salirse del sofa y practicar todas las disciplinas que ellos creian posible ganar medalla: las elegidad fueron lucha greco-romana, salto con garrocha, y posta de vueltas a huerta. Chorizongo tenia muchas ganas de entrenar, y le molestaba cuando Chupetongo se ponia flojo y queria dormir unos minutos mas.
But he was a little confused about the gear that he needed to use to improve his performance Pero el estaba un poco confundido con el tipo de equipamiento que necesitaba para mejorar su participacion.
After realizing that they didnt need any gear they were ready to start. They were very motivated to train and become doglimpians, so every morning they would start their routine by howling the backyard anthem… Despues de darse cuenta que no necesitaban ningun equipamiento estaban listos para empezar. Estaban muy motivados para entrenar y convertirse en atletas olimpicos, asi que cada manana comenzaban su rutina ahuyando el himno del patio cada manana…
and with some light stretching… y con elongaciones suaves…
The first sport they tried was the greco-roman wrestling. They felt confident in their ability to make each other submit so maybe that was the discipline that would give them the so desired bacon medal! So practices were very intense… El prime deporte que intentaron fue lucha greco-romana. Tenian fe en sus abilidades de hacer que el otro se rindiera asi que tal vez esa era la disciplina que les daria la tan deseada medalla de tocino! Asi que las practicas eran muy intensas…
But this sport turned out to be too aggressive for Chupetongo, and after a close call during which he almost lost his ear, he got super scared and decided to not participate in that competition anymore. Pero este deporte termino siendo demasiado agresivo para Chupetongo, y despues de una percanse donde casi pierde una oreja, se asusto mucho y decidio no participar mas en esa competencia.
The next training session was pole vaulting, a great idea since it involved jumping and STICKS!!! They figured it would be a fairly easy competition for them until after a few attempts… La proxima sesion de entrenamiento fue salto con garrocha, una gran idea ya que requeria saltar y PALITOS!! Pensaban que seria una competencia muy facil para ellos, hasta que despues de un par de intentos…
…they realized they didn’t have thumbs and jumping with a stick in their mouth wasn’t a very smart move. So instead they just decided to chew up the sticks and enjoy that part of this discipline. …se dieron cuenta que no tenian dedos pulgares y saltar con un palo en la boca no era muy inteligente. Asi que mejor se dedicaron a masticar los palitos y disfrutar esa parte de la disciplina.
But when they were enjoying their sticks, a new great idea came to Chorizongo’s mind… Pero cuando estaban disfrutando sus palitos, una nueva idea se le vino a la cabeza a Chorizongo…
WE CAN USE THE STICKS TO RUN THE RELAY!!!!!!!!Chupetongo thought that was a great idea so jumped right up to start training for the Garden Lap relay… PODEMOS USAR LOS PALOS PARA CORRER LA POSTA!!!!! Chupetongo penso que era una gran idea y salto de inmediato para comensar a entrenar para la posta de vueltas a la huerta…
They had to split their training between speed training and transferring the stick. They were very focused on improving their speed and were so happy they could run as fast as they could. They were breaking all sorts of records during their speed training session! Tuvieron que dividir su entrenamiento entre velocidad y traspaso del testimonio. Estaban muy concentrados en mejorar su velocidad y estaban muy felices de poder correr lo mas rapido posible. Rompieron muchos records durante su entrenamiento de velocidad!
They mastered the speed and the turns, so now it was time to practice the transferring of the stick. And things were going great, running with the stick in their mouth did not affect their speed around the tomatoes. Dominaron la velocidad y las curvas, asi que ahora era turno de entrenar el traspaso del testimonio. Y todo iba muy bien, correr con el testimonio en la boca no afecto su velocidad cuando pasaban por los tomates.
But after a few laps with Chorizongo carrying the stick, they noticed a little problem in their technique for the relay…well just a problem in general…Chorizongo didnt want to pass the stick to Chupetongo! Pero despues de unas cuantas vueltas con Chorizongo llevando el testimonio, se dieron cuenta de un problema en su tecnica para la posta…bueno un problema en general…Chorizongo no queria pasar el testimonio a Chupetong!
Chupetongo tried really hard to make it work but it was more of a workout to take the stick from Chorizongo than to run the relay. Chupetongo intento con todas sus ganas hacerlo funcionar pero era mas trabajo qutarle el testimonio a Chorizongo que correr la posta.
So after that last incident they decided to quit their training an just compete in their own Doglympics in the yard. They were happy to go back to being lazy and just workout daily chasing each other and doing some occasional wrestling. Asi que despues de ese ultimo incidente decidieron dejar de entrenar y solo competir en sus propias olimpiadas en el patio. Estaban felices de volver a la flojera y a entrenar diariamente persiguendose el uno al otro y luchando ocasionalmente.
Maybe for the next Doglympics they will be more mature and ready to compete again! In the mean time, they dream about reaching the top of the podium and putting their teeth into the bacon medal… Tal vez para las proximas olimpiadas estaran mas maduros y listos para competir de nuevo! Por mientras, sonaran con alcanzar la cima del podio y poner entre sus dientes la medalla de tocino…

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