Garden update…

The garden is growing and starting to yield some tasty veggies for us. There’s nothing big yet but at least we have started to see growth and fruits. I was worried about one of our beds since it seemed like the plants did not want to grow there, but now everything is getting big and both beds are looking healthy. La huerta va creciendo y comienza a darnos frutos. Nada grande todavia pero por lo menos se puede notar el crecimiento y los frutos. Estaba preocupado por una de las camas que parecia que las plantas no querian crecer ahi, pero ahora todo esta creciendo y las dos camas se ven saludables.

Our corn is growing slowly and most of the sunflower seeds we threw on the ground did not make it, my guess is that the birds and the snail-mafia took care of business there. But luckily for us, the sunflowers that did make it (5), are growing big and FAST! El choclo crece lentamente y la mayoria de las semillar de girasol que pusimos en el suelo no germinaron, creo que la mafie de los pajaros y los caracoles se encargaron de eso. Pero por suerte los girasoles que si brotaron (5), estan creciendo y creciendo RAPIDO!
Back to the raised beds, the borage has tons of flowers. Borage is an herb that attracts some good bugs to your garden and the leaves and flowers are edible. We don’t eat the leaves but we do eat the flowers. They actually taste just like cucumbers and are really fresh! You would be surprised – like Leslie was yesterday – if you tried them. De vuelta a las camas, el borage tiene un monton de flores. Borage es una hierba que atrae buenos bichos a la huerta y las hojas y flores son comestibles. Nosotros no comemos las hojas, pero si comemos las flores. Tienen un sabor muy parecido al del pepino y son muy frescas! Se sorprenderia – como lo hizo Leslie ayer – si las probaran.

The cucumber has settled down and after harvesting a couple of little cucumbers, the plant didn’t waste time to get some more going. They grow really fast; it’s one of those plants that are really fun to check every day. El pepino se acostumbro a su lugar y luego de  cosechar los primeros pepinitos, la plantan o perdio tiempo en crecer mas. Crecen muy rapido; es una de esas plantas que hace entrenido chequearla a diario.

The tomatoes are finally yielding fruit. Our cherry tomato is HUGE (about 5 feet tall) and full of little tomatoes – we are going to have a bunch. The Mr. Stripey and the Beefsteaks are trying to catch up, too. They developed their foliage quite a bit and there is evidence of tomatoes showing up in the vines. It is going to be great to harvest big juicy tomatoes! Los tomates por fin estan dando fruto. El tomate cherry esta enorme (casi 170 cm) y esta lleno de brotes – vamos a tener un monton. El Mr. Stripey y el Beefsteak estan recuperando terreno. Hicieron crecer su follage y ahora hay evidencia de tomatitos creciendo en las ramas. Va a ser genial poder cosechar tomates jugosos!

The spaghetti squash is still trying to figure things out. It is expanding everywhere so I had to protect the other plants around it. The butternut squash is growing some cute little squashes and also taking over the garden. It took a while, but we are happy to see healthy plants crawling all over the place. The peppers are happy to be protected and actually the red peppers were transplanted into separate pots so the squash cannot get in their business (gotta give them some privacy)! El zapallo tallarin todavia esta tratando de entender donde esta. Esta creciendo para todos lados asi que tuvimos que proteger las otras plantas alrededor. El zapallo butternut broto zapallitos y estan aduenandose de la huerta. Se demoro un poco pero estamos felices de ver plantas saludables creciendo por todos lados. Los ajies y pimientos estan felices de estas protegidos y tuve que transplantar los pimientos rojos a potes separados para que los zapallos no los molestaran (necesitaban privacidad!)

Our zucchini plant has turned into a monster (in a good way), with big leaves and beautiful flowers. I think I can see one little zucchini coming up, not much but I expect plenty of them coming up sometime soon. El zapallo italiano se ha convertido en un monstruo (uno bueno), con hojas grandes y lindas flores. Creo que se puede ver un zapallito en camino, no mucho pero espero que aparezcan mas dentro de poco.

The basil is big a full of leaves. We have been chopping some leaves to add flavor to our tomato salads. But at this point, the basil needs a “hair cut” so we are talking to Joan (Leslie’s grandma) about making some pesto. So all in all our garden is doing well! We’ll get another update soon! La albahaca esta llena de hojas. Hemos picado algunas para agregarlas a la ensalada de tomates y darle mas sabor. Pero en este momento la albahaca necesita un “corte de pelo” asi que estamos hablando con Joan (la abuela de Leslie) para preparar pesto. Asi que la huerta va bien! Haremos otro reporte pronto!

13 responses to “Garden update…”

  1. Beautiful plants, Javi! Congratulations. They’re lovely. And I expect we might get to share a spaghetti squash or some basil….yum.

    • Thank you! The spaghetti squash is still fighting the powdery mildew. It went away for a bit but it is back now…hopefully the plant will beat it and grow some yummy squashes! I’ll share with you!

    • Thanks! The cucumber is fairly small but loves growing cucumbers, I am hoping the plant will grow some more so it can yield more fruit.

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