Sangria & a bachelorette

Two weeks ago the weekend started off with my good friend Ellen’s bachelorette party. For the party prep, I picked up a huge order of rice, beans, meat and tortillas from La Hacienda, one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in town. We decided that the best choice for drink to go with the food would be sangria instead of margaritas – it seemed weird to serve margaritas in a punch bowl and tequila is probably not the safest choice for a drink that’s supposed to start off the night. Maybe it’s good for ending the night…but sangria seemed like a safe bet to kick it off. SO, before the party I made up a gigantic batch of sangria filled with peach schnapps-infused fruit. I didn’t have a recipe when I went out to the store to buy ingredients and I tried to google one but the “easy” recipes were all actually quite complicated – so I decided to wing it. The final ingredients were:

  • one 1.5 liter bottle of Yellow Tail Cabernet Merlot (I went for the cheap wine and it tasted great!)
  • 5 apples
  • 3 oranges
  • 1 box of strawberries
  • 1 box of sliced mango (this was my favorite fruit in the bunch…if I could change anything I would have done two boxes of this instead of the strawberries)
  • one 1 liter bottle of Yellow Tail Sweet Red wine
  • 3 of the tiny bottles of peach schnapps (you can get them usually at the counter of the liquor store)
  • 1 bottle of mango pineapple juice (I got this from Trader Joes – I’m sure any bottle of juice will be fine)
Dos semanas atras, el fin de semana comenzo con la despedida de soltera de mi  buena amiga Ellen. Para preparar la fiesta, ordene una porcion gigante de arros, porotos, carne, y tortillas en uno de nuestros restaurants Mexicanos favoritos – La Hacienda. Decidimos que la mejor opcion de trago para acompanar la comida seria sangria en vez de margarita – me parecia raro servir margaritas en un bowl de ponche y tequila no es la opcion mas segura para empezar la noche. Tal vez es bueno para el final de la noche….pero sangria nos parecio una opcion segura. Asi que…antes de la fiesta, hize un monton de sangria a la que le agrege fruta. No tenia una receta cuando fui a la tienda a comprar ingredientesy cuando busque en google recetas simples… las que encontre eran bastante complicadas – asi que decidi jugarmela por mi propia receta y al ojo. Los ingredients finales fueron:

  • 1 botella de litro de vino Cabernet Merlot (aleji la mas barata y el sabor quedo genial!)
  • 5 manzanas
  • 3 naranjas
  • Frutillas
  • Mangos (estas era mi fruta favorite del monton….si pudiera cambiar algo hubiese usado doble manfo y no frutilla)
  • 1 botella de litro de vino tinto dulce
  • 3 botellitas de Schnapps de duranzno
  • 1 botella de jugo de fruta (yo use mango-pina)

The first thing I did was slice and dice all the fruit and put it in a big bowl with the schnapps and half the bottle of sweet red wine. I put the bowl in the freezer and let it sit for about 6 hours. When it was party time, I took the soaking, cold fruit in the bowl to the party and once I was there I ladled the fruit (with as little of the sweet red wine as possible) into the punch bowl. I poured as much of the cabernet merlot on top as the punch bowl could fit, mixed in about 2 cups of the fruit juice, and that was that! I didn’t add any other liquors – again, this drink was supposed to kick the night off, not end it. It was delicious and a great party drink – or at least I thought so! Lo primero que hice fue cortar y picar la fruta y ponerlas en un bowl grande con las schnapps y mitad de la botella de vino tinto dulce. Puse el bowl en el freezer y lo deje ahi por mas o menos 6 horas. Al momento de la fiesta, lleve el bowl a la fiesta y una vez alli saque solo la fruta del bowl y la puse en el recipiente para el ponche. Puse todo el cabernet merlot, agregue mas o menos 2 tazas de jugo de fruta, y listo! No agregue ningun otro licor – de nuevo, el trago era para empezar la noche y no terminarla. Quedo delicioso y es un gran trago de fiesta – o por lo menos eso creo yo!

I also set up a photobooth for the party and we had a blast dancing around in front of it all night. The only times I ever set up the photobooth is when it’s for other people’s weddings, so I don’t usually get a chance to enjoy having fun in one with my girlfriends. All told it was an awesome, sangria and photo-filled evening! And we’re only 3 weeks away from Ellen’s wedding now – so exciting! Tambien instale una photobooth para la fiesta y lo pasamos genial bailando frente a la camara. La unicast ocaciones que instalo la photobooth es para matrimonios de otras personas, asi que no tengo la posibilidad de disfrutarla con mis amigas. Todo dicho y hecho, fue genial, unan oche llena de sangria y fotos!Y ahora estamos a solo 3 semanas del matrimonio de Ellen – que emocionante!

Awesome cupcakes Ellen’s sister Anna made for the occasion! 

Ellen (left) and her sister Anna

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  1. What a great recipe! I think I’ll try this for my next party. It looks beautiful and sounds delicious! Thanks for stoping by my blog (southernrootsandnorthernblossoms) the other day too.I hope you come back soon! I know I’ll be back to yours.

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