Growing from seed!

To continue with the gardening theme (see previous posts on starting the garden here and what we planted here), one evening last week we saw a tower of seeds at the grocery store and decided to try growing a few plants from scratch. All of the rest of the plants we have were already in plant form, so we have no idea how this will turn out and we won’t know until the end of the summer when they are supposed to show up! Para continuar con el tema de la jardineria (vean los posts anteriores de la huerta que empezamos aqui y lo que hemos plantado aqui), una tarde la semana pasada vimos una torre de semillas en el supermercado y decidimos intentar hacer crecer plantas de semilla. Todas las plantas que tenemos hasta ahora las compramos ya brotadas y crecidas, asi que no sabemos como va a resultar todo esto. Tendremos que esperar hasta casi el final del verano cuando se supone todo deberia ya haber crecido!

We thought that it would be nice to cover some of our fence by planting tall plants, so we got some corn and sunflowers. These guys should grow up to 10ft (as long as Chupi and Chori don’t try to “taste” them)!!  We also grabbed some green onions and radishes. We planted a few to see if it works, but we have plenty of seeds left over to try and grow some more. Pensamos que seria rico poder cubrir parte de nuestra reja poniendo plantas altas, asi que compramos semillas de maiz y de girasol. Estas plantas deberian crecer casi  3 metros (mientras el chupi y el chori no decidan “probarlas” antes)!! Tambien compramos semilla para cebollines y rabanos. Plantamos unas cuantas para ver si funciona, tenemos mas semillas que nos sobraron para seguir intentando y crecer mas plantitas.

We planted the sunflowers and the corn in individual pots, and once they grow big enough we will transplant them to their final spot in the yard. For the radishes we used a tray. We just reused the pots and trays that the other plants came in from Gardens of Babylon – nice and cheap! They don’t need to be deep in the soil so hopefully this tray will be the right amount of soil for them. If not, we can try to plant them in one of the beds. We put the green onion seeds directly in one of our raised beds (and for some reason it just couldn’t wait til morning…). We had a good spot for them where nothing was growing at the time, so we will see if they like that spot. Plantamos los girasoles y el choclo en maceteros individuales, y una vez que crezcan lo suficiente las pondremos en su lugar final en nuestro jardin. Para los rabanos usamos una bandeja. Reusamos las macetas plasticas donde venian las otras plantas que compramos en Gardens of Babylon – barato y ordenado! Los rabanos no necesitan tierra profunda asi que ojala esta bandeja tendra suficiente tierra para ellos. Si no lo es, podemos tartar de plantarlos en una de las camas vegetales que temnemos. Pusimos los cebollines en la cama de vegetales ( y por alguna razon no podiamos esperar hasta la manana siguiente…). Teniamos un pedazo libre de plantas perfecto para plantar las semillas, asi que veremos si les gusta ese lugar.

To water the seeds I poked holes in a plastic bottle so it is easier to control the water flow and it allows me to water just the right amount for each little pot. This was fun to do, even the dogs were there for moral support and to make sure things were being done the right way…they know their stuff! Now we just have to wait and hope that we see some little plants popping out of those pots! Para regarlas semillas, hize hoyos en la tapa de una botella plastica asi seria mas facil controlas el flujo de agua y me permitiria poner la justa cantidad de agua necesaria en casa macetero. Esto fue entretenido de hacer, incluso los perros participaron con su apoyo moral y asegurandose que haciamos las cosas de la menera correcta…ellos saben mucho sobre jardinaeria! Ahora tenemos que esperar que las plantitas empiezen a brotar en los maceteros!

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  1. […] This garden of ours is Javier’s baby – he dreamed it up, build the beds, fenced them in with chicken wire (which I now know is really hard to do alone!), bought the plants and researched the soil etc. etc. and did it all on his own. The only part of this that I can even remotely claim is the planting of the sunflower, corn, radish and green onion seeds, which we posted about a couple of weeks ago. […]

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