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Name the robin!

The growing season continues at Los Rodriguez mansion. The little birds are getting some feathers and they are eating away! Those parents must be working around the clock to get enough worms for these hungry little fellas. La temporada de crecimiento continua en la Mansion Rodriguez. Los pajaritos estan creciendo plumas y comen como locos! Esos papas tienen que trabajar todo el dia para juntar suficientes gusanitos para estos pequenos hambrientos.
Every time we move the leaves to take a peek at the nest these guys extend their necks and open their mouths, ready to eat. Their mouths are as big as they are. They are really cute and before they leave the nest we want to give them names …Any bright ideas on good baby robin names?? Cada vez que movemos las ramas para poder ver el nido los pajaritos estiran el cogote y abren la boca, listos para comer. Sus bocas son tan grandes como su cuerpo. Son muy tiernos y antes que dejen el nido queremos ponerle nombre…alguna buena idea para nombres de zorzal???
In other news, I started a garden this weekend! I built three raised beds and planted a bunch of vegetables…but I’m not finished planting everything yet. When the beds are completely ready to go, we’ll post with more details about the mini farm we’ve got going on in the backyard. We’re also getting a landscaper to come in and redo our front landscaping – it’s SO bad right now. The people who take care of our lawn mowed over the daffodils and bluebells in the front and we’ve got weeds everywhere, so we figured it was about time to invest in some good curb-appeal changes. We’ve already got a plan drawn up, but it looks like we’ll wait awhile before we plant anything since we’ll be gone a bunch this summer and the things we want to plant will require some real TLC. Good thing vegetable gardens are fairly easy to maintain! En otras noticias, empeze un jardin de vegetales este fin de semana! Construi camas elevadas para plantar y he puesto ya varios vegetales….pero no he terminado de plantar todo. Cuando todo este listo, pondremos mas detalles de com ova creciendo la mini granja en nuestro patio. Tambien vamos a contratar a un disenador para que nos arregle el patio del frente de la casa ya que se ve feo y queremos que se vea bien. Ya nos entrego un diseno pero vamos a esperar hasta el otono para plantar y asi evitar el caluroso verano y aumentas las probabilidades de vida de las plantas. Lo bueno es que los vegetales son faciles de mantener, asi que por ahora nos encargaremos de eso!

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  1. The design is really nice! We might wait until the fall to plant everything that way we avoid the heat of the summer.

    Robin Redford AND Sweety Bird are great names, i like them! It’s impossible to distinguish which little bird is which but all of them will have names at least. hahaha.

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