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Are you a regular?

There are only a few restaurants that truly treat regulars as regulars. Usually the term “regular” is used as a way to make the place more inviting and to encourage you to come back. So far we only know of one place that claims to ONLY accept regulars. You might wonder…no way! Which place doesn’t welcome new business? That’s impossible! Well, that place actually does exist, in the form of Sam’s Sushi. Hay solo unos pocos restaurantes que en verdad tratan a sus regulares como regulares. Usualmente el termino “regular” es usado como una manera de hacer el lugar mas acogedor y para motivarte a volver. Hasta ahora solo conocemos un lugar que dice aceptar SOLO a regulares. Tu puedes pensar…de ninguna manera! Que lugar no le da la bienvenida a nuevos patrones? Eso es imposible! Bueno, ese lugar existe, y se llama Sam’s Sushi.
Sam’s Sushi is located in Printer’s Alley in downtown Nashville and the owner – who runs the place by himself – is Sam. Sam is an interesting character, and many people refer to him as the “Sushi Nazi” like the soup nazi in Seinfeld. The place seats about 15 people max! We’ve never actually seen that many people inside because if it is too full and Sam is getting tired, he locks the door and doesn’t let anyone in. Sam’s Sushi esta localizado en Printer’s Alley en el centro de Nashville y el dueno – que trabaja en el restaurant solo – es Sam. Sam es un personaje interesante, y mucha gente lo conoce como el Nazi del Sushi, como el personaje de la serie Seinfeld el “Nazi de la sopa”. El lugar es para 15 personas maximo! Pero nunca hay tanta gente porque si se esta llenando mucho y Sam esta cansado, el cierra la puerta con llave y no deja entrar a nadie.
So why would you try to eat here if newcomers aren’t welcome? Well, the sushi is AMAZING, the prices are INCREDIBLE, and Sam is HILARIOUS (if he likes you, if he doesn’t like you that changes everything). We have been regulars at Sam’s for about 4 years now. Our friend Carson was a regular and he took Leslie with him, then Leslie took me with her, so we are both regulars now. So if you were wondering how you become a regular – you have to get introduced by a regular! Entonces porque intentarias comer en este lugar si los nuevos patrones no son bienvenidos? Bueno, el sushi es INCREIBLE, los precios son GENIALES, y Sam es muy COMICO (si le gustas, si no le gustas ahi cambia la cosa). Hemos sido regulares en Sam’s por 4 anos ya. Nuestro amigo Carson era regular y el llevo a Leslie con el, luego Leslie me llevo con ella, asi que ahora ambos somos regulares. Asi que si te preguntas como te haces regular – otro regular te tiene que introducir!
Sam makes some of the best sushi we have ever tried and the portions are huge. Two rolls at any other place is like an appetizer for me but I can barely finish two rolls here. His prices are seriously unbeatable – I’d bet anything that there is no better sushi place in Nashville if we’re talking about sushi quantity-quality-price. Sam hace uno de los mejores Sushi que hemos probado y las porciones son enormes. Los rollos de sushi en cualquier otro lugar son como un tentenpie para mi pero en Sam’s apenas puedo terminarme dos. Sus precios son en verdad imposible de superar – apuesto lo que sea que no hay un mejor lugar para comer sushi en Nashvile cuando hablamos de la combinacion cantidad-calidad-precio.
Sam traveled the world and is very interested in keeping up with the world news. His TVs are always on CNN and every time we eat there he has a newspaper article highlighted for us to read so we can have a discussion about it. He visited Chile when he was younger and he has been to the city where I was born (Punta Arenas). He actually showed me a very old picture of him hanging out in Punta Arenas! Sam also has an incredible work ethic – he is open everyday and he told us he has missed only 6 days of work in 8 years. Also, in his restaurant he doesn’t accept tips so don’t try to give him one. I asked him once why he wouldn’t take tips and he told me that he makes the sushi and you pay for the sushi, but accepting tips means that he owes you something and he doesn’t want to owe anything to anybody. He is not going to be nice to you just to be nice; he is very real and if he doesn’t like something he will let you know. No nonsense. Sam viajo por todo el mundo y le interesa mucho mantenerse al dia con las noticias del mundo. Su televisor esta siempre prendido viendo CNN y cada vez que vamos el tiene un diario con alguna noticia destacada para que la leamos y podemos discutir sobre el tema. El visito Chile cuando joven y ha ido a la ciudad donde yo naci, Punta Arenas. El me mostro una foto muy Antigua de el en Punta Arenas! Sam tambien tiene una etica de trabajo muy impresionante – abre todos los dias y nos dijo que solo ha faltado 6 dias de trabajo en 8 anos. Tambien en su restaurant el no acepta propinas asi que no intenten darle propina. Le pregunte una vez porque no aceptaba propina y me dijo que el hace sushi y tu pagas por el sushi, pero aceptar propina significa que el te debe algo y no le quiere deber nada a nadie. El no ba a ser amable contigo solo por ser amable; el es muy real y si no le gusta algo te lo hara saber. Nada de cosas sin sentido.
We know this place doesn’t sound like a nice place to go, but believe it or not, he has many many regulars that constantly come back to eat delicious sushi. Once customers get to know Sam, they usually have a good time talking to him and having real conversations about important topics, not the typical small talk that we expect. It’s definitely our kind of place! Sabemos que este lugar no suena como un lugar lindo para ir, pero aunque no lo crean, el tiene mucho muchos clients regulares que constantemente vuelven para comer sushi delicioso. Una vez que los clients conocen a Sam, ellos usualmente lo pasan bien conversando con el y teniando discusiones reales sobre temas importantes, no la tipica conversacion corta de cosas poco importantes que normalment esperamos de alguien ofreciendo un servicio. Es definitivamente nuestro tipo de lugar!

10 thoughts on “Are you a regular? Leave a comment

    • hahahaha yep…I think you may be the only customer to ever defy Sam’s objection to an order hahaha

  1. I miss ole Sam. Tell him that me and my lovely wife will be in Nashville first part of June. I will let you know when we are coming in town so we can hang out!

    • Awesome!!! We miss you two!! Tell your lovely wife Leslie said hello! Can’t wait to see you!

  2. Sam sounds like quite a character! I loved the soup Nazi programs on Seinfield and perhaps we need a new reality show about the slow food, Sushi Nazi. Your photographs are fantastic.

    • Many times the media has tried to interview him to make a column or some story about his little sushi bar but he refuses to talk to anyone. I don’t know what it would take to make a TV show with him as as the star…..but if it ever happens it would be a really interesting (i wouldl ove to hear more of his opinions about anything)! Thanks for your comment!

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