Help us pick a vacation destination!

Alright you guys. Javi and I  need some serious help. We FINALLY saved up enough money to take a little vacation (as in, about 4 days of vacation, since we can’t afford to put the dogs in the kennel longer than that). But I think I’ll finish my dissertation before we ever actually decide on a place to go. Ok gente. Javi y yo necesitamos ayuda. POR FIN ahorramos suficiente plata para tomarnos unas pequenas vacaciones (algo corto, 4 dias de vacaciones, porque no podemos dejar a los perros en su “hotel” mas de 4 dias). Pero creo que terminare mi disertacion antes de decidir a donde ir.
(Me and Javi in Austin, 2009)
Back in 2009 when Javi and I got married, my brother’s awesome wedding gift to us was a certain amount of money that would go toward a honeymoon trip. At the time we didn’t have any extra money to add on to that amount and we didn’t have time to go on a honeymoon because of the second wedding in Chile, but we knew we’d eventually use it to plan a stellar trip for two. And no, a second wedding in a foreign country does not count as a honeymoon. Especially when you spend most of the trip translating between two sets of in-laws! It was definitely the best time of our lives and we wouldn’t change a thing, but spending two weeks with our families after our wedding does not fall under honeymoon jurisdiction. El 2009 cuando Javi y yo nos casamos, mi hermano nos dio como regalo de matrimonio una cierta cantidad de plata que iria hacia una luna de miel. En ese momento no teniamos plata para agregar a su regalo y no tuvimos tiempo para irnos de lna de miel pero teniamos nuestra sagunda boda en Chile, pero sabiamos que en algun momento usariamos el regalo para un viaje genial para los dos. Y no, una segunda boda en el extranjero no cuenta como luna de miel. Especialmente cuando la mayor parte del viaje la pasamos traduciendo las conversaciones de nuestros padres! Definitivamente fue el mejor momento de nuestras vidas y no cambiariamos nada, pero pero pasar 2 semanas con nuestras familias despues de la boda no entra en la jurisdiccion de luna de miel.
(At Red Rocks outside of Denver, 2011)
So in case you missed the point here, it’s been almost three years and we still haven’t gone on our honeymoon!!! Part of it is that we didn’t have the cash monies (especially once we added 2 doggos to the equation who need boarding) but another major issue is that we can’t decide where to go. We’ll talk about it, list a million options (do we want a manmade attraction like Disney World? Do we want nature like the redwoods or the Grand Canyon?) and narrow it down to two or three, and then we never decide on one. Asi que si se perdieron el punto central de esto, han sido casi 3 anos y todavia no tenemos luna de miel!!! Parte de eso es que no teniamos la “guita” (especialmente cuando agregamos 2 perros a la lista y ellos necesitan quedarse en algun lugar) pero otro problema es que no podemos decidirnos a donde ir. Hablamos un monton, hacemos una lista de opciones (queremos atracciones hechas por el hombre como Disney World? queremos atracciones naturales como los bosques rojos o el Gran Canon?) y la reducimos a dos o tres pero aun asi no podemos decidirnos por una.
(At our friend Carson’s ranch in Amarillo, 2009)
So here’s where you can help us. We don’t have an insane amount of money, but it should be enough for a weekend trip, we can’t go out of the country, and we want to relax a little. Javi is not a beach person, so beach resorts are pretty much out, and so is a cruise. We only have 4 days. We’ve been to Denver, Austin, Dallas, LA, San Francisco and Chicago together, so we want somewhere new. Javi has never been to NYC before so that’s an option…but again, we want to relax and we don’t have a ton of money, so I’m not sure if that’s the best option. We love nature, but we also love fun theme park type stuff. And did I mention we want to relax a little? I want to stress that point, because I REALLY need a little R&R. And finally…I just don’t know if we can afford tickets out to the west coast on top of paying for the dog kennels and a place to stay. Flights are expensive right now! We’d love ideas on a location, on places to stay, anything you’ve got. So…


Any ideas?? Ready….GO!

Asi que aqui va como nos pueden ayudar. No tenemos una millonada, pero seria suficiente para un viaje de fin de semana, no podemos salir del pais, y queremos relajarnos. Javi no quiere ir a la playa, asi que resorts en la playa estan fuera, y lo mismo con cruceros. Tenemos solo 4 dias. Hemos estado en Denver, Austin, Dallas, LA, San Francisco, y Chicago juntos, asi que queremos ir a un lugar nuevo. Javi nunca ha estado en Nueva York asi que esa es una opcion…pero, nos queremos relajar y no tenemos un monton de plata, asi que no stoy segura si esa es la mejor opcion. Nos gusta la naturaleza, tambien nos gustan los parques de diversion. Les dije que queriamos relajarnos un poco? Quiero poner enfasis en ese punto por que en VERDAD necesito un buen descanso. Y por ultimo…no se si podemos pagar por pasajes de avion a la costa oeste si tenemos que pagar por hotel para los perros. Los vuelos estan super caros!Nos encantaria que nos dieran ideas de lugares para visitar, lugares donde quedarnos, cualquier consejo que tengan. Asi que…


Alguna idea?? Listos….ya!

(Disneyland 2009)

20 responses to “Help us pick a vacation destination!”

  1. New Orelans could be really fun…or somewhere on the gulf coast. You get the best of both worlds. City/nature. I went to NOLA in the fall and had a really great time. I went on the Steamboat Natchez for a bloody mary cruise and went on a ‘spirits’ tour and learned about the haunted history of NOLA. Plus the food was amazing.

  2. tenis que irte a a Alaska.. a a relajarte en la naturaleza y si hace frio a la camita no mas a entrar en calorcito rico… ajajajajaja
    todo el rato perro!!!! ajajajaja
    saludos un abrazo a los dos chauuu

  3. Have you ever heard of Eureka Springs, Arkansas? It’s a beautiful & historic little town in the Ozark Mountains. It was originally a “medical resort town” in the early 20th century due to its natural hot springs. It’s retained a lot of that feel; most of the architecture on Main Street is still late Victorian/early Craftsman. I especially recommend the Crescent Hotel – the rates are reasonable and furnishings are modern, but it feels like the early 1900’s luxury hotel it was built as. Plus, the town is nestled in between several very scenic state forests and parks.

  4. What about a city like Asheville, NC? Mountains, Biltmore Estate, tons of trendy shops/boutiques. AND you could drive, save money on a plane ticket, and spend your cash monies on a spa day in the mountains!

    • That sounds sweet! Definetly a plus to be able to drive and spend money in other “experiences” around the area! Great idea, thanks Ashley!

  5. If the 4-day time limit is only about the cash monies and not that you can’t take off for a bit longer, here’s a thought. How about a road trip to New Mexico and take the pups with you? Then, you could put the kennel money toward your trip. There are dog-friendly hotels all over New Mexico. If you can crash at your friend’s house in Amarillo, maybe, on the way there that could save money. I’ve been to White Sands, which is a great road trip stop. Not only does it have awesome sand dunes, but the bright white sand against the clear blue sky is an amazing backdrop for photos. Albuquerque and Santa Fe are cool. I’ve also heard Rock City is really beautiful. Also, if you’re up for it, the Grand Canyon is only about 5 hours from Albuquerque. Nature, adventure, and you don’t have to leave the fur babies behind. 🙂

  6. I have to say that Asheville is a great destination, and there are several cabins/short term rentals that do allow dogs. The best thing is to get something near downtown and just take a walk down to the business district. Amazing food, chill vibe, friendly and open people. We stayed in one close to downtown that I could recommend, if I can find it in my email…

    • That would be great Dan! Sounds awesome – I’ve been to Black Mountain and I loved it but Javi’s never been to either I don’t think. If you find the hotel I’d love to put it on our list! Thanks!

  7. The perfect destination would be Spain lol! Althoug it is a little bit far away I guess ^^!

    I’m sure that there are a lot of fantastic places that you can afford to visit, just keep looking for them 🙂

    (I’m sorry I cannot give you many ideas about your possible destination, but as you may know I’m a foreigner in your country ^^)

    Good luck woth your decision!

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