Our diet basics / Lo basico de nuestra dieta

Here are some quick tips and ideas about the basic parts of our current diet. In the future we will be sharing some simple recipes (yes, SIMPLE! we are not fancy cooks and normally don’t have the time to cook super produced meals) Aqui van algunos consejos e ideas se las partes basicas de nuestra dieta. En el futuro compartiremos algunas recetas simples (si, SIMPLE!, no somos chefs profesionales y normalmente no tenemos tiempo para preparar comidas super producidas)

we buy 7 avocados every week – it’s expensive, but we don’t eat out anymore so we make up for it by saving money in that arena. We split one every day – it’s awesome!

Fat – Avocados and Olive Oil!

Our bodies need fat, period. What we need to think about is what types of fat we are eating. We looked at a list of healthy fats and decided that our main sources of healthy fats would be olive oil (which we use as dressing for most of our salads) and avocados (we could eat avocados all day, every day, with everything…we have an awesome recipe for the best guacamole you will ever taste that we’ll share on here soon!)

Grasas – Palta y aceite de olive

Nuestro cuerpo necesita grasa, punto. Lo que tenemos que pensar es el tipo de grasa que vamos a comer. Nosotros buscamos una lista de grasas saludables y decidimos que nuestras principales fuentes de grasas saludables serian aceite de olive (que usamos para alinas ensaladas) y palta (podriamos comer palta todos los dias, todo el dia, con lo que sea!)

notice these are whole wheat! That needs to be the first ingredient with foods like this. Not pictured: our 50 lb bag of refined white rice, which is actually pretty bad but we bought it before we started the diet. Once we finish that bag, it’s brown rice from here on out!

Carbs – watch them! (Eat whole grain)

Carbs are not bad, they give us energy! The problem comes when we eat more than we need and that extra energy gets stored as fat in our body. How does this happen? Our body stores energy using fat cells, they are like ballons that store the fat – you can’t get rid of them, but you can make sure they are not filled up (that’s why lipo is only a temporal fix). When we eat a bunch of carbs, we are consuming a ton of calories and most of the time we don’t need them all, so our bodies store that extra energy in the fat cells for future need. Most of the time because of the caloric nature of our diets we have no future need so we just keep saving. Another important thing to keep in mind: unrefined carbs are better than refined ones, so whole grain is your best friend. Your body takes longer to digest whole grain so it releases energy slowly – that way you don’t get hungry so fast and are less likely to store extra energy in your body. If you think about it…it makes sense!

Carbohidratos – tenganle ojo! (coman integral)

Los carbohidratos no son malos, nos dan energia! El problema llega cuando comemos mas de lo que quemamos y esa energia extra es almacenada en el cuerpo en forma de grasa. Como pasa eso? Nuestor cuerpo almacena energia usando sus celulas adiposas (de grasa) que son como globos que guardan la grasa – siempre estaran ahi, no puedes deshacerte de ellas, pero puedes asegurarte que no se llenen (por eso la liposuccion es un arreglo temporal). Cuando comemos un montons de carbohidratos, consumimos un monton de calorias y la mayoria de las veces no necesitamos tantas, asi que nuestro cuerpo guarda esa energia extra y en las celulas adiposas en caso que la necesitemos mas adelante. La mayoria de las veces no usamos esas y reservas, y debido a nuestras dietas seguimos almacenando sin vaciar las “bodegas”. Otra cosa importante para tener en mente: carbohidratos no refinados son mejores que los refinados, asi que cosas integrals que usan el grano no refinado son nuestros mejores amigos. El cuerpo demora mas en consumer el grano no refinado por lo que usa la energia de a poco a medida que se digiere – como es mas lento, demoras mas en darte hambre y tiendes a almacenar menos energia (o grasa). Si lo piensas por un minuto…tiene sentido!

we eat a TON of chicken now – and steak and salmon! Yum!

Proteins – you need them!

Our bodies need protein for everything so we NEED them! You don’t get bulky for just eating proteins so if you’re trying to lose weight or inches don’t worry about bulking up from protein  – it won’t happen. You DO want to eat lean proteins though, so that means chicken breast, turkey breast, low fat meat cuts, pork tenderloin, turkey bacon, tuna… The idea is to avoid as much animal fat as possible.

Proteinas – todos las necesitamos

Nuestros cuerpos necesitan protein para todo asi que son NECESARIAS! No te crecen los musculos solo por comer proteinas, asi que si estas tratando de perder pero o centimetros no te preocupes de ponerte muscoloso/a por comer proteinas – no va a pasar. Lo otro importante es comer proteinas sin grasas como pechuga de pollo o pavo, cortes de carne bajos en grasa (vacuno o cerdo), tocino de pavo, atun….la idea es evitar lo mas posible consumer grasa animal.

we mostly buy grapefruits, apples and bananas to for our fruits and asparagus, spinach, broccoli, celery and artichokes for vegetables

Fruit and veggies – eat, eat, eat!

Mother Nature provides us with the best way to consume the vitamins and minerals we need. Eating veggies and fruits makes us feel healthier, our skin and hair looks better when we eat them, our bodies thank us and our taste buds love it! We try as many colors as we can find, the more colors the better!

Frutas y vegetales – comer, comer, comer!

La madre naturaleza nos entrega la mejor manera de consumer vitaminas y minerales. Comer frutas y vegetales nosh ace sentir mas saludables, nuestra piel y pelo se ven mejor cuando comemos frutas y vegetales, nuestros cuerpos lo agradecen y tambien nuestras papilas gustativas! Nosotros tratamos de comer diferentes colores, mas color significa mas vitaminas!

we bought a Brita water filter!

Water – no soda, no sugary drinks….pure H20!

This is a no brainer. Water hydrates us; our bodies are mostly made of water, NOT sodas or sugary drinks. Sodas and sugary drinks give you highly refined sugars that the body will end up turning into reserve fat. We don’t like that, so we stick with water.

Agua – no bebidas llenas de azuca ….H2O pura!

A prueba de tontos. El agua hidrate; nuestro cuerpo es gran parte agua, NO bebidas o cosas azucaradas. Las bebidas nos da azucares muy refinadas que el cuerpo termina convirtiendo en grasa de reserve. No nos gusta eso, asi que nos quedamos con el agua.

4 responses to “Our diet basics / Lo basico de nuestra dieta”

  1. congrats guys! i’m loving the updates about your experience on this diet becuase really it is a life change and for the better! your skin, blood, hair, everything will thank you in the long run! keep it up!

  2. I’m right there with you; not only do I eat avocados – on a regular basis – but I also use the oil for my skin. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

  3. I eat lots of avocados too! Use them instead of mayo or dressings on sandwiches. I sometimes have half an avocado & a slice of tomatoe along with an egg (fried in olive oil) for breakfast!

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