It’s not an isolated incident

It’s been almost a month since Trayvon Martin was senselessly murdered in Florida, and it’s high time we said something about it on here. This blog is about our lives, and there’s something to be said about how Javier and I will never, in our lives, experience the kind of fear when it comes to our future kids that African American parents experience. We will never have to worry about our future kids being eyed suspiciously (or, shot and killed) for WWB, or “walking while black.” My guess is that we also would never have to worry about whether or not an investigation would be launched if our children ever were murdered. It took almost a month for authorities to launch an investigation into this case, and it took a national outcry to get it going. Ha pasado casi un mes desde el asesinato de Trayvon Martin en Florida, y es hora que digamos algo sobre el asunto. Este blog es sobre nuestras vidas, y es importante mencionar que Javier y yo nunca, en  nuestras vidas, sentiremos el tipo de miedo (con nuestros futures hijos) que los padres Afro Americanos pueden sentir. No nos tendremos que preocupar de que nuestros futuros ninos sean vistos de manera sospechosa (o, que les disparen y maten) por CSN o “Caminando Siendo Negro”. Creo que tampoco tendremos que procuparnos de saber si se lanzara o no una investigacion en caso que uno de nuestros hijos sea asesinado. Las autoridades demoraron casi un mes en lanzar una investigacion en este caso, sin mencionar el llanto publico – quien sabe si la investigacion se hubiese lanzado o no.

No, the kinds of things Javier and I will have to worry about with our kids instead is making sure they understand the pervasive and sickening hold that racism still has on this country, despite what they learn from the media, TV shows and in their school classrooms. We as a nation are all too willing to sweep our horrifyingly racist history under the rug and celebrate the civil rights movement as something that remedied our past mistakes and leveled the playing field. It shouldn’t take such heinous and violent acts like Trayvon’s murder to spark a conversation about the ways in which racism is still alive and thriving in the United States. America is in denial about the centrality of race and racism in our culture. You can’t confine racism to hate crimes and KKK rallys and put “isolated incidents” of overt racism into a box, close the lid and call it history. It’s Americas present, it’s our present, in our lives. No, las cosas que Javier y yo nos tendremos que preocupar con nuestros ninos es asegurarnos que entiendan lo perverso y asqueroso del racismo que aun existe en nuestro pais, sin importar lo que aprendan de los medios, los programas de television, o en sus salas de clases. Como nacion se nos hace muy facil barrer bajo la alfombra nuestra horrible historia de racismo y celebrar el movimiento de derechos civiles como algo que remedia los errores del pasado. No deberia tomar un caso de extremo odio, insensiblidad, y violencia como el del asesinato de Trayvon para iniciar la conversacion sobre como el racismo aun existe y florece en los Estados Unidos. America hace oidos sordos a la centralidad de la raza y el racismo en nuestra cultura. No puedes confiner el racismo a solo los crimenes de odio y manifestaciones del KKK y poner casos de racismo en una caja y olvidarse, cerrar la tapa y decir que es historia. Es el presente de los Estados Unidos, nuestro presente, en nuestras vidas.

Tomorrow, I’m bringing my camera to campus to take pictures of people who want to participate in the Million Hoodies March. The event is actually today, but we found out a little late so I’ll be getting photos of people wearing hoodies tomorrow to send to the campaign. If anyone reading this is planning to be on Vanderbilt’s campus tomorrow, I was thinking of setting up at 11:00 in the Div School courtyard under the cloister connecting the administrative offices to the chapel. Bring a hoodie and I’ll get a photo and we can post them on the page that started the march. I’m hoping photos like these will start conversations, not end them. I don’t want people to post a photo and feel like they’ve done their part. These photos should  show support for Trayvon and his family, and they should also contribute to the nation-wide conversation about why it is that simple things like wearing a hoodie can incite such violence. So come and get a photo and use it to keep the conversation going. I can only be there til 11:30. Below is a link to sign the petition to prosecute the murderer who took Trayvon’s life, and I’m also including a video about the million hoodies march and a speech from Congresswoman Wilson, from Trayvon’s district in Miami, FL. Manana llevare mi camara al campus de la Universidad para sacar fotos de gente que quiera participar en la Marcha del Millon de Gorros. El evento es hoy, pero no sabiamos sobre este hasta hace poco, asi que sacare fotos de gente usando sus polerones con gorro manana y las enviare a la campana. Si alguien lee esto y plane air a Vanderbilt manana, voy a estar a las 11 en el patio de la Escuela de Divinidad bajo los arcos que conectan las oficinas administrativas con la capilla (espero que se entienda). Traigan un poleron con gorro y sacare una fotos y se las enviare. Espero que fotos como estas empiezen una cnversacion sobre el asunto. No quiero que se saquen la foto y sientan que ya hicieron su parte. Estas fotos deben servir para apoyar a Tryvon y su familia, y tambien deberian contribuir a la conversacion a nivel nacional sobre como una cosa tan simple como vestir un poleron con gorro puede crear sospecha. Asi que vengan a sacarse su foto y mantengan la conversacion. Solo puedo estar ahi hast alas 11:30. Aqui va un link para firmar la peticion para llevar a la justicia al asesino que le quito la vida a Treyvon, tambien incluye un link al video de la Marcha de los Millones de gorros.

Sign this petition for justice for Trayvon Martin and his family

5 responses to “It’s not an isolated incident”

    • Thanks Whitney – if you can’t make it at 11:00 but you’ll be on campus at some point, I’ll be on campus until 4:00 – I just have class from 1:10 – 3:40 and then I have short meetings in the morning between 11:30 and 12:30. Just text me if you’re on campus and we can try to meet up to get a quick shot!

  1. Definitely planning on wearing my hoodie tomorrow too! Great post – I’ve had this on my mind a lot lately. It hurts my heart when parents have to bury a child and I can only imagine what Trayvon’s parents must be going through, trying to come to terms with their son’s senseless MURDER. Where is the justice?

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