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SB2012 and Lulu Mae!

This week is Vanderbilt’s spring break, which in graduate student speak means “spring catch up time” or, if you’re a really good student, “spring get ahead” time. My spring break has been dedicated to the former – catching up on my thesis work so I can finally start analyzing data and writing the damn thing!  I’ve devoted my entire week to finishing up a dataset I’ve been constructing since last July. It has to be 6,000 rows of information that I have to fetch online and copy and paste into this excel doc. I’m currently on 5,215 rows, so I’m really really close. The great news is that I can do it with music / TV on in the background, so my spring break has basically consisted of me sitting on the couch using muscle memory to fill in my database (my record is 115 rows an hour!) with Harry Potter movies or Lulu Mae music on in the background. It’s been pretty awesome, actually. Still, it’s been pretty monotonous and I’ll be so happy when I’ve hit row 6,000!! Esta semana es la semana de vacaciones de primavera en Vanderbilt, lo que para un estudiante de post grado significa “tiempo de ponerse al dia” o, si en verdad fuiste un estudiante muy responsible “tiempo de adelantar lo mas possible”. Mis vacaciones han sido dedicadas a ponerme al dia – tengo que trabajar en mi tesis para por fin poder analizar la informacion y de una vez por todas ponerme a escribir! He dedicado toda esta semana a terminar la base de datos que he estado creando desde el pasado Julio. Tiene que tener 6 mill corridas de informacion en una pagina de excel, y tengo que rescatar la informacion de otra base de datos online y copiar y pegar en mi documento. En este momento voy en la corrida 5,215, asi que estoy muy muy cerca. Lo bueno es que puedo hacer esto con la tele prendida o escuchando musica, asi que mis vacaciones han sido practicamente sentarme en el sillon a llenar la base de datos usando memoria muscular (mi record son 115 corridas en una hora!) con Harry Potter en la tele o la musica de Lulu Mae. Ha sido genial, la verdad. Es monoto si, asi que estare feliz cuando alcanze las 6 mil corridas!!

One Thursday to break the monotony I left the house for the first time all week (seriously…besides taking the dogs on walks) to go do a photoshoot with the band Lulu Mae. The band members are all good friends of mine – I met Joel and Ben my freshman year at Belmont, Sarah is Joel’s wife, Adam is Ben’s brother and Jen is Adam’s wife. Joel and I used to play shows together around town – his band Ducksworth Danko would kick off the shows and then I’d get up to play with my dad. We made some pretty epic show fliers to hang around Belmont’s campus back in the day… Para romper la monotonia, el jueves sali de la casa por primera vez (en serio….excepto las veces que sacamos a pasear a los perros) par air a una sesion de fotos con la banda Lulu Mae. Los miembros de la banda son todos Buenos amigos mios _ conoci a Joel y Ben en mi primer ano de Universidad, Sarah es la esposa de Joel, Adam es el hermano de Ben, y Jen es la esposa de Adam. Joel y yo soliamos tocar musica juntos – su banda, Duckworth Danko empezaban el show y luego mi papa y yo lo cerrabamos. Teniamos muy bueno posters de los shows, los que colgabamos en Belmont en esos tiempos….

^^^ this one is by far my favorite. Can you find us? ^^^

Anyway, Lulu Mae needed a few new band photos now that their new album is out (go buy it!! Corallina and Why Wyoming are my favorites…but the whole album is fabulous). The weather was the pits Thursday but we shot all of the photos inside a lovely home, which turned out pretty great because they are a family band and I think the setting conveyed that perfectly. They have such a great chemistry and, as much as I love listening to the album at home through the speakers, it was so much fun to get a little private concert while I was shooting the photos of them playing! They have a show next Friday night at Exit/In with Action! and Alva Leigh – if you want to hear some amazing music, those groups are three of Nashville’s finest and most talented. I’ll be posting a more photos from this shoot soon on the photography blog, but here are a couple to hold y’all over! Pero bueno, Lulu Mae necesitaba unas cuantas fotos nuevas de la banda ahora que su primer album esta a la venta (comprenlo aqui! Corallina y Why Wyoming son mis favoritas…pero todo el album es fabuloso) El tiempo estuvo malisimo pero sacamos todas las fotos dentro de una casa preciosa, lo que fue perfecto porque ellos son una banda familiar y creo que ese era el ambiente perfecto. Tienen una quimica incredible, y por mucho que me guste escuchar su musica en mis altoparlantes, fue muy entretenido escuchar un mini concierto mientras les sacaba fotos tocando! Tienen un show el proximo Viernes en Exit/In junto con Action! Y Alva Leigh – si quieres escuchar Buena musica, esos tres grupos son muy telentosos y de los mejor en Nashville. Pondre mas fotos de esta sesion pronto en el blog de fotografia, pero aqui van algunas cuentas fotos de muestra!

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  1. I can sympathize on “spring catch-up time;” I’ve been doing the same trying to finish my teaching degree. While I can’t claim a thesis, I do have a massive unit plan, which just about feels like one. (The last one I had to do was a “short” 5-day unit, and wound up being 65 pages just to fulfill the minimum requirements!) I agree that Lulu Mae music definitely makes it better though. Hang in there!
    Ducksworth Danko…now there were some good times! Hard to believe that’s been almost five years ago. Those photos are awesome! Can’t wait to see all of you all on the 16th!

    • Sounds like you’ve got alot on your plate!! Hang in there as well – only about 7.5 weeks til summer! We’re hoping to be there on the 16th – it’s our recruitment weekend in my program and I’m hosting a student but I’m hoping I’ll be able to get out there for a little bit at least.

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