Choripan to the rescue!

I just had to post this quick video of Choripan trying to rescue Javier from despair. Javi does this thing where he gets on the floor and covers his head and starts fake crying and wherever Choripan is in the house, his ears instantly perk up and he comes running to find Javi, then weasels his way under Javier’s arms so he can lick his face and make it all better. It’s so cute! Tenia que postear este videito de Choripan tratando de salvar a Javi de su pena. Javi se tira al suelo, se cubre la cabeza, y empieza a imitar un llanto. Cuando Choripan esta en la casa, su orejas se paran y sale corriendo a encontrar a Javi y de alguna manera encuentra la forma de meterse entre los brazos de Javier para poder lamerle la cara y hacer que todo este mejor. Es muy tierno!

5 responses to “Choripan to the rescue!”

  1. Leslie, that is so cute, my boyfriend tries to do the same thing, but our dog still gets confused about what’s happening and doesn’t quite burrow in enough. 🙂

  2. Él es un dulce!! Me encanta su ternura … Choripan eres el mejor perro consolando a la gente que tiene pena … Besos

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