5 things I’ve learned after a week of P90X – Leslie’s list

We are now 8 days into our P90X adventure and 11 days into our new diet! We’ve already learned many, many lessons about what works best for us, and we thought we’d each post a list of 5 things we’ve learned so far. Most of these aren’t meant to be bits of advice or even all that enlightening…they are mostly just funny or obvious tidbits that we’re learning along the way. We’ll start with my list and post Javi’s tomorrow! Ya vamos en 8 dias de nuestra aventura con P90X, y 11 dias siguiendo la dieta! Hemos aprendido mucho sobre las cosas que funcionan para nosotros, y pensamos en postear una lista de 5 cosas que hemos aprendido hasta ahora. La mayoria de estos no son pequenos consejos ni nada de eso…sino cosas un poco obvias y a veces comicas que hemos aprendido. Aqui va mi lista, y Javi hara la suya manana!

(Working out at 6 is great…when we finish, the sun is just coming up in our backyard! So beautiful.)

Leslie’s list:1) Flaxseed is disgusting. We are supposed to drink this “recovery drink,” which is like a protein shake, after every workout. I had a few sips of mine after our first day and the only thing I could taste was flaxseed – and there was only a tiny pinch of it blended into the mix. I’ve since decided that I’m going to survive just fine without drinking this recovery shake – I don’t need the extra calories like Javi does, and the health benefits of flaxseed aren’t enticing enough to make me pinch my nose and down that concoction every day.  La lista de Leslie:1) Linaza sabe horrible. Se supone que debemos beber un batido despues de cada entrenamiento para recuperarnos, es como un batido de proteinas. Probe un par de sorbos despues de nuestra primera sesion y lo unico que podia saborear era la linaza – y eso que se le pone muy poquito a la mezcla. He decidido que sobrevivire sin problemas sin tomarme este batido – no necesito las calorias extra como Javi, y los beneficios de salud de la linaza no son tan motivantes como para tener que taparme la nariz todos los dias para tomarme el batido.

(That’s the recovery drink…looks pretty tasty, but don’t judge a shake by its color)

2) Coconut milk yogurt is a godsend. If you’re like me and feel the need to have a dessert to really finish off a meal (and if you’re really like me and are lactose intolerant), this stuff is the best diet saver ever. It’s got a slight hint of coconut but nothing overpowering and the texture is the exact same as any yogurt. It’s also delicious and is a great dessert alternative – only 160 calories and they count as a dairy serving. I found them at Kroger and only bought one at first to try it out – and the next day I went to Kroger and bought out the rest of the shelf (there were only 5 left). They haven’t restocked…and soy yogurt from Trader’s is pretty good too, but not as good as the coconut milk! So…hopefully someone from Kroger reads this blog and stocks up today before I go back to check if they have more. 2) Yogurt de leche de coco es un ragalo de Dios. Si eres como yo y sientes que necesitas comer postre para en verdad terminar una comida (y si en verdad eres como yo tambien eres intolerante a la lactosa), esta es la salvacion para tu dieta. Tiene un pequeno sabor a coco pero nada muy fuerte y la textura es igual a la de un yogurt normal. Tambien sabe delicioso y es una gran alternativa como postre. Los encontre en Kroger y solo compre 1 para probar – y al otro dia volvi a Kroger para comprarel resto que habia (quedaban 5 solamente). Todavia no han rellenado el stock….y el yogurt de soya no rico tambien, por no tan rico como el de coco. Asi que ojala alguien de Kroger lea este blog y rellene el estante de yogurt antes que yo llegue a comprar mas.


3) Weird recipe alert: fresh leafy spinach, pulled pieces of turkey slices and feta cheese make for an awesome salad that doesn’t need dressing. I’ve never liked salad dressing (I usually just put some lemon juice on salads with some olive oil and salt), so maybe this salad will only work for me. Still, the bits of turkey slices make up for the no dressing part for me. I weigh out 3 oz. of turkey (that’s one protein serving according to the P90X diet, and I need 5 a day), 1 oz. of feta cheese (that’s one of my two dairy servings for the day) and 2 cups of spinach (one of my servings of veggies for the day) and voila – the easiest salad ever. 3) Alerta – Receta extrana: espinaca nueva, pedazitos de pavo y queso feta hacen una ensalada genial que no necesita aderezo. Nunca me ha gustado el alino de ensalada (normalmente solo pongo jugo de limon en la ensalada con aceite de oliva y sal), asi que tal vez esta ensalada solo funciona conmigo. Pero igual, los pedacitos de pavo le an el sabor que le falta del alino. Peso 3 onzas de pavo (esa es una porcion de proteina segun la dieta de P90X, y necesito 5 al dia), 1 onza de queso feta (esa es una porcion de lacteo de las 2 diarias que tengo) y 2 tazas de espinaca nueva (una porcion de vegetales diaria) y voila! – la ensalada mas facil que existe.

(the salad in this pic doesn’t have the turkey added to it…but you get the idea)

4) Don’t get on Pinterest if you’re hungry and on a diet. Just don’t. There are way, way too many “no bake, ready in 5 minutes ooey gooey chocolate peanut butter cookie brownies” on there. If you get on Pinterest when you’re craving something like that and can’t have it, it’s just downright mean. 4) No se metan en Pinterest si tienen hambre y estan a dieta. No lo hagan. Hay muchas, demasiadas recetas de cositas ricas con chocolate y faciles de hacer. Si te metes a Pinterest cuando tienes antojo de esas cosas y se supone no debs comerlas, es simplemente tortura.

(See what I mean?? And yeah, it was torture to create this little montage of delectable delights, so I hope you liked it.)

5) Yoga is hard. There, I said it. I’ve never done yoga before and on Sunday when Javi told me the workout for the day was yoga, my immediate thought was “oh sweet! we get a break! so nice to have a break on a Sunday! Good timing, P90X.” Yeah. Right. I haven’t been flexible since I was a 14-year-old cheerleader and my sense of balance is way, way less than perfect. Javi and I were struggling the whole way through and I found myself honestly thinking that it’ll be impossible for me to actually have good form & balance, even after several weeks of trying. I don’t even have those despairing thoughts about the pull ups…I think to myself that eventually I’ll be able to do a few of those without dying. But yoga…well, we’ll have to wait and see! 5) Yoga es dificil. Ahi esta, lo dije. Nunca habia hecho yoga antes y el domingo cuando Javi me dijo que el entrenamiento era yoga, yo pense de inmediato “que bien! Un descanso! Gracias P90X”. Si , seguro. No soy flexible y mi equilibrio no es nada perfecto. Javi y yo la sufrimos durante todo el entrenamiento y me encontre pensando honestamente que nunca voy a tener Buena postura y equilibrio, incluse despues de semanas intentando. Esos pensamientos no se me vienen a la cabeza ni siquiera haciendo flexiones en la barra….Creo que algun dia podre hacer un par de esas sin morirme. Pero yoga….bueno, tendremos que esperar y ver!

The last time I was able to do a “wheel” pose, or what we called a back bend, I looked like this! Yep. That’s me – a freshman in highschool and cheerleader. That’s my bro next to me with the boy band bleach blond hair – I spared him and cut the rest of him out. 🙂

7 responses to “5 things I’ve learned after a week of P90X – Leslie’s list”

  1. If you don’t like the taste of flaxseed but still want most of the benefits, try flaxseed oil capsules. They are relatively cheap, give you a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, and (most importantly) don’t taste like flaxseed! Wishing you the best on your P90X adventure.

  2. I never, ever, thought of putting oreos INSIDE chocolate chip cookie dough and BAKING THEM? OMG i know this blog post was about your diet and workout plan but those cookies look amazing… now if only i could get my hands on some oreos here in the Amazon… mmmmmmmmmmmm

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