Google+ Hangout Happy Hour

I signed up for google+ around the same time that we started this blog and at the time I really thought google+ would take off. Everyone was talking about it and how it was going to be this big challenge to Team Facebook…and then the hype was over and we all went back to hitting “like” instead of “+1” in the social network universe. I still post on google+ every now and then and get some of my news from my “breaking news” circle, but there aren’t too many people who interact with me on google+ so I only check up on it once or twice a week. Why do I mention all of this? Well, yesterday my friends Danielle, Gretchen and I all had a happy hour together using the “hangout” feature on google+ and it was fan-freakin-tastic. Danielle lives in Cincinnati and Gretchen lives in Louisville, so obviously we can’t get together for a regular happy hour at a bar. Instead, I got a glass of wine and Gurt (Gretchen) had a beer…but Dani didn’t indulge because she had to go to broomball afterward. Yeah…that conversation went a little like this:

Dani: Hey guys I’m not drinking and I have to go in about an hour because I have broom ball

Gurt: What?

Me: boombrawl?

Dani: You guys haven’t heard of broom ball? It’s great, it’s like ice hockey but you wear shoes and push a puck around with a broom. Tonight’s the playoffs!!

****lots and lots of laughter from me and Gurt****

Wooow. Anyway, apparently our little happy hour infringed on the broomball playoffs, so hopefully next week we can find a different time to do the google+ hangout. Still, we all got to chat interweb face-to-face style and we had a blast. The connection and video quality were great (despite what the not-so-great photos below may show) so it felt like we were really with each other. I didn’t have the most wonderful day before our hangout but seeing and talking to these girls for the first time since Thanksgiving made up for everything else that was thrown at me earlier in the day. Here are some screen shots of our little session – and to be fair, I should add that most of the time they had no idea I was taking screen shots, and usually it was Dani who wound up in the main screen.

Me inscribi en Google+ mas o menos al mismo tiempo que comenzamos a escribir en el blog y ese entonces crei que Google+ iba a surgir con fuerza. Todo el mundo hablaba sobre como iba a ser un desafio grande ya que Facebook es tan popular….y al poco tiempo la moda paso y todos volvimos a apretar el boton “like” and vez del “+1” en el universo de las redes sociales. Yo todavia posteo en Google+ de vez en cuando y leo las noticias que me llegan a mi circulo de “noticias de ultima hora”, pero no hay mucha gente para interactuar conmigo en Google+ asi que solo lo chequeo una o dos veces a la semana. Porque menciono todo esto? Bien, ayer mis amigas Danielle, Gretchen y yo hicimos un happy hourjuntas usando la opcion “hangout” de google+ y fue muy genial. Danielle vive en Cincinnati y Gretchen vive n Louisville, asi que obviamente no nos podemos juntar regularmente para un happy hour normal en algun bar. E vez de eso, yo me tome un vaso de vino y Gurt (Gretchen) tomo una cerveza….pero Dani no tomo nada porque tenia que ir a Broomball despues de nuestor happy hour. Si…la conversacion fuealgo asi:

Dani: Oigan no voy a tomar nada porque en mas o menos una hora tengo Broomball

Gurt: Que?

Yo: Boombrawl?

Dani: No han escuchado sobre broomball? Es genial, es como hockey sobre hielo pero usas zapatos y empujas un disco con una escoba. Hoy son los playoffs!!

*****muriendonos de la risa Gretchen y yo*****

WoooW. Bueno, aparentemente nuestro happy hour interfirio con los playoffs de broomball, asi que ojala la proxima semana podamos encontrar un mejor horario para juntarnos en google+. Igual pudimos conversar “cara-a-cara” y lo pasamos muy bien. La conexion y la calidad del video son muy buenos y se sintio como si estuvieramos juntas. No habia tenido el mejor dia antes de juntarme con mis amigas pero verlas y conversar con ellas por primera vez desde dia de accion de gracias hizo todo mejor y me olvide de lo que habia pasado durante el dia. Aqui van algunas fotos de nuestra sesion – y para ser justa, deberia agregar que la mayoria del tiempo no tenia idea que estaba sacando fotos de la pantalla, y fue Dani la que salio mas veces en la pantalla principal. 

Javi didn’t have the greatest day either (rather unfortunate, since just yesterday we posted about how awesome Tuesday was) – but a real-life hangout with the doggos (and some shuteye) was all he needed to make it all better. Javi no tuvo un muy buen dia tampoco (algo desafortunado ya que ayer posteamos sobre lo bueno que fue el Martes) – pero un hangout en la vida real con los perros (y los ojos cerrados) era todo lo que necesitaba para hacer todo mucho mejor.

cue the “awwww”

7 responses to “Google+ Hangout Happy Hour”

  1. Leslie, I’m so glad the three of you have made such a strong committment to keeping your friendship alive!! I loved seeing the pics of the three of you with such huge smiles on your faces!! Evidence of just how much you gals mean to one another!!! My prayer for the three of you is that many years from now, you’ll all be sitting in rockers side-by-side rocking your grandchildren with BIG smiles on your faces as you reminisce about the “good old days!” :o)

    • Thank you so much! 🙂 I hope we can all live in the same city again, or at least closer than we are now. I’d love it if our kids could all grow up together!

  2. I actually thought that this might be the only useful tool that google plus has! once jason is all settled down i am hoping to have an old school bate papo via google+! i’ll keep you posted!

  3. man, it looks like javi did have a rough day in that last shot. haha. thinking of you guys often! we´ll have to catch up some time soon.

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