Super bowls of nachos, ceviche, ice cream…

Javi and I just wrapped up our first successful Super Bowl gathering at the Los Rodriguez mansion! We didn’t have a ton of people over, but we definitely had enough food for 50 and we had a fabulous time with the friends who came! We basically had a Latino food buffet going on: I made nachos, Samantha made ceviche and pico de gallo and Javi made guacamole. I also made a batch of mini pigs in a blanket – and I was so proud of how they turned out!! It’s a little weird that I was more proud of the pigs in a blanket than the nachos because I definitely put more effort into the latter. I had never made mini pigs in a blanket before and I only saw them in a picture on pinterest so I wasn’t sure exactly how to make them – but they turned out delicious! Javi y yo terminamos nuestra primera junta por el Super Bowl en la mansion de los Rodriguez! No tuvimos mucha gente, pero se teniamos comida como para 50 personas y lo pasamos muy bien con los amigos que vinieron! Basicamente tuvimos un buffet de comida latin: yo prepare nachos, Samantha prepare ceviche y pico de gallo, Javi prepare guacamole. Tambien hice “chanchitos en frazadas” – y estaba muy orgullosa de como salieron! Es un poco extrano que estuviera tan orgullosa con los chanchitos cuando puse mucho mas esfuerzo en preparar los nachos. Nunca habia hecho los chanchitos en frazadas y solo habia visto una foto en Pinterest, asi que no estabam uy segura como praprarlos – pero quedaron deliciosos!

I kind of feel ridiculous posting a “recipe” for these babies because it’s literally wrapping up mini hot dogs in pillsbury dough and sticking them in the oven for 10 minutes at 375 degrees. We got the dogs from Trader Joes and the dough is from the pillsbury crescent rolls, but the mini hot dogs were too small to wrap in a whole triangle for the crescent rolls so I just wrapped them up in little bits of dough. It was perfect! Me siento un poco ridicula posteando una “receta” por estos bocadillos pero es literalmente cubrir mini salchichas en masa Pillsbury y ponerlos en el horno por 10 minutos a 375 grados. Compramos las salchichas en Trader Joes y la masa es Pillsbury para Cresent rolls, pero las mini salchichas eran muy chicas para usar un triangulo entero de masa asi que solo use un poquito de masa para cubrirlos. Quedaron perfectos!

Sam’s ceviche was the big hit for me – it tasted just like Chilean ceviche and since there were only a few of us to enjoy it I got to eat as much as I wanted!! So delicious. We didn’t have any dessert so to cleanse the palate we took a halftime trip to Jeni’s ice cream. WE MISSED MADONNA! It seems like no matter who is playing the halftime show, everyone likes to pontificate on facebook about how awful it was and how it’ll never live up to so-an-so’s halftime show however many years ago. We just skipped it all together for ice cream…not a bad trade. El ceviche fue un gran hito para mi – tenia el mismo sabor del ceviche en Chile y como eramos unos pocos, pudimos comer todo lo que queriamos! Muy rico. No teniamos ningun postre para descansar el paladar, asi que en el entretiempo nos fuimos de una carrera a Jeni’s a comprar helado. NOS PERDIMOS EL SHOW DE MADONNA! Parece que no importa quien canta en el entretiempo, todo el mundo en facebook tiene que encontrar algo malo en el show y cada ano el show es peor que el ano anterior, etc, etc…Nosotros nos saltamos el entretiempo por helado…un muy buen negocio.

After the game Javi and I cleaned up the house and kitchen before 10PM which to me signaled a really successful Super Bowl. Lauren and Matt brought their doggo Roxie to the house and the dogs played together outside for about 6.5 hours straight so they actually put themselves to bed in their crates while Javi and I cleaned. We capped off the night with a cup of tea on the front porch – now that’s what I call a good night!! Thanks to Lauren, Matt, Sam and Courtney for spending the evening with us! Despues del partido Javi y yo limpiamos la casa y la cocina antes de las 10pm lo que significo un muy buen Super Bowl. Lauren y Matt trajeron su perra Roxie a la casa y los perros jugaron afuera todos juntos por 6 horas y media seguidas asi que cuando todos se fueron, Chupete y Choripan se fueron a la cama solitos mientras limpiabamos. Cerramos la noche con una taza de te en el porch de la casa – ahora eso si es una buena noche! Gracias a Lauren, Matt, Sam y Courtney por pasar la tarde con nosotros!

(now that’s a clean kitchen!!)

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  1. Everyone gets really excited about the little piggies in a blanket when I make them. It’s not a typical thing anyone eats here for one. Carlos and I are friends with a couple here. The girl is from Texas and her husband is from Argentina and they both run a successful music school here in Reynosa. Well the Argentinean about lost his mind when I made the piggies. He had never in his life seen something like it before. With every bite of what he called “hotdogsito” was a “Tremendo che!”

    I always keep the little smokies on hand just in case we have guest come over. Make a really great treat for everyone.

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