Chupete shirt pre-order….warm weather will be here soon!

By popular demand Chupete shirts are coming back!!

This time we will be printing 2 designs. Due to the large amount of people asking us for the Nashville shirt (the first one to come out last year) we will print a few Nashville shirts, and since we like to come up with new designs, the Louisville shirt is making its debut!

We are still in the process of deciding the color of the shirts, so we can’t share that detail with you …we will let everyone know once we decide. We are thinking a white or silver for the Louisville design and possibly a green or light blue for the Nashville shirt. The reason why we are making this announcement is because we want to give you a chance to pre-order so we can ensure that we will have your size when they come out. If you order ahead of time, we can make sure to put you down for a certain size before it sells out, since we can only order a limited amount of each size. So let us know if you’re interested and the sizes ASAP so we can get the order in and the t-shirts out in time to welcome the new warm weather!

Price: $20 each (+ $3 if shipping is needed)

Please  make your pre-order in the comment section or e-mail us to

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