The End is Near!

The end of the semester. The end of the world isn’t until next December (?).

El fin del semestre. El fin del mundo no es hasta el proximo Diciembre (?).

(Demography has taken over our kitchen table)

I’ve turned in all of my papers – including the one I wrote with my fabulous coauthor Samantha, so that’s that. Now I have  my last final – well, it starts Friday and ends whenever I turn in the take home portion, which will hopefully be on Saturday before my brain expires. I’m so ready for this time next week, when I can watch Elf or Polar Express without feeling like I’ll have a panic attack thinking about all the other things I should be doing.

He entregado todos mis papeles – incluyendo el que escribimos con mi fantastica co-autora Samantha, asi que eso esta listo. Ahora tengo mi ultimo examen – bueno, empieza el viernes y termina cuando entregue la porcion que es para la casa, y espero poder terminarlo el sabado antes que mi cerebro expire. Estoy lista para este mismo tiempo pero la proxima semana, cuando puedo ver Elf o El Expreso Polar sin sentir que tendre un ataque de panico pensando en todas las otras cosas que deberia estar haciendo.

(working with Samantha on our paper in Starbucks)

So in honor of taking my last final of the semester, I thought I’d (re)post a “poem” I posted on facebook last year before my statistics final. It’s a parody of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”. If any of you out there are taking a stats final, I’m sure you can relate to at least some of it. Enjoy!

Asi que en honor a mi ultimo examen final, pense que re-postearia un poema que puse en Facebook el ano pasado antes de mi examen final de estadisticas. Es una broma usando otro popular poema. Si alguno de ustedes tiene que dar un examen final de estadisticas, estoy segura que se podran sentir identificados. Disfuten!

‘Twas 5 nights before my stats exam

and all through the house

my books and papers were strewn

to the dismay of my spouse

my homework was finished

placed in my bookbag with care

thank the Lord it’s the last homework

for SOC311 this year

I’m heading to sleep in my nice cozy bed

where visions of coefficients will dance in my head

tomorrow I’ll wake up and get back to the grind

dictating my notes and then pressing rewind

transcribing the definitions that seem to matter

(like platykurtic means the curve is flatter?)

I’ve done what I could to follow commandments

I read and re-read til I just couldn’t stand it

Every week I felt like my brain couldn’t fit

but the statistical avalanche just wouldn’t quit

And come Wednesday the fifteenth of December

We’ll live through a test we’ll always remember

Who do you ask? Let me tell you by name,

my wonderful cohort, all part of this game:

now Lauren! Courtney! Samantha! Bhumika!

Jonathan! Minyoung! (myself) and Helena!

We’re gonna do great, it’ll all be fine!

Then we’ll celebrate with holiday food and wine!

4 responses to “The End is Near!”

  1. I totally didn’t see this post! I look awfully concentrated during our 6am writing sesh!

    Also, I LOVE that poem! It’ll become a Christmas tradition – the annual posting of the “Twas 5 nights before my stats exam.”

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