Ring the Bell

Javi and I realized last weekend that our screened in porch, which is locked most of the time, makes it kind of hard for folks to knock on our door to let us know they are standing outside. We never had a doorbell in the first place, even on our front door, so we decided to install our own los rodriguez version of a doorbell on the outside of the screen door. It’s definitely loud enough so that we can hear it anywhere in the house / out back when someone is here! Javi bought the bell off of e-bay and we installed one of our little home-made chalk boards right under it with pretty clear instructions…just in case.

Javi y yo nos dimos cuenta que nuestro porch con malla, que esta casi siempre cerrado, hace dificil para los que quieren tocar nuestra puerta y avisarnos que estan afuera. Nunca tuvimos un timbre, ni siquiera en nuestra puerta del frente, asi que decidimos instalar la version Los Rodriguez Life de un timbre afuera del porch. Es definitivamente ruidosa como para escucharla incluso en la parte de atras de la casa! Javi compro la campana en EBay y la instalamos junto con una de nuestras pizarras caseras para escribir instrucciones claras….por si acaso.

So if you come visit us, ring the bell!!!

Asi que si nos vienen a visitar, toquen la campana!!

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