More fun chairs! – Mas sillas entretenidas!

Ok so it’s not quite as innovative or exciting as Javier’s cool new chair, but since we’re on the subject…


When I moved into my apartment 4 years ago before Javi and I were married, I bought a disgusting round table from the Salvation Army that was only good because it was small and came with 3 (…not 4…) awesome chairs. My aunt Dana has a few of these chairs in her house around her dinner table and I always loved the way she refinished them so when I saw these I decided I wanted to get them so I could more or less replicate her chairs. Four years later, I finally got around to it!


Javi and I have a sweet electric sander that we use to…well, sand surfaces. So I got that out and sanded 2 of the 3 chairs down and took out a couple of cans of our paint (we have so. much. paint in our basement) and went to work. I didn’t worry about covering the chairs completely because I was going to sand them again afterward to give them the distressed, weathered look that I love. After they dried off I sanded them in strategic areas (places where paint would normally wear down, like in the seat and against the back) and now we have a couple more sweet new chairs! I still need to get around to painting the third one…maybe in another 4 years…

Ok esto no es tan inovador o emocionante como la nueva silla de Javier, pero como estamos con el tema…


Cuando me mude a mi departamento, 4 anos atras, antes de que Javi y yo nos casaramos, compre una mesa asquerosa en el ejercito de salvacion que era buena porque era pequena y vino con 3 (…no 4…) sillas increibles. Mi tia Dana tiene unas cuantas de estas sillas en su casa alrededor de la mesa de la cena y siempre me encanto la manera que ella las pinto, y cuando vi estas sillas decidi que queria hacer algo similar a lo que mi tia hizo con sus sillas. Cuatro anos mas tarde, por fin lo hize!


Javi y yo compramos una lija electrica genial que usamos para…..lijar superficies. Asi que saque la lija y lije 2 de las 3 sillas y tome unos tarros de pintura (tenemos mucha pintura en el subteraneo) y me puse a trabajar. No me preocupe mucho de pintar todo perfecto porque iba a lijar la pintura para darle un toque de antiguedad y uso, me acanta como se ve ese estilo! Despues que se secaron y lije la pintura en lugares estrategicos (lugares donde usualmente la pintura se envejece con el roce, como el asiento o la espalda) ahora tengo un par de sillas nuevas muy geniales! Todavia necesito pintar la tercera silla….tal vez en unos 4 anos mas…

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