Would you rather….(Nashville heat wave edition!) – Que prefieres?

After last winter in Nashville with lots of snow and cold weather and now with the current heat wave, Leslie and I cannot agree about our preferred extreme weather. Leslie prefers the cold, her argument being “there’s only so many layers you can take off but you can always add on in the winter!” I grew up in Patagonia, however, and know what it’s like to live with penguins. So obviously I’m going to go with the heat wave.

Luego del pasado invierno en Nashville con mucha nieve y frio, y con la ola de calor este verano, Leslie y yo no nos podemos poner de acuerdo cuando nos preguntamos con que clima preferimos vivir. Leslie prefiere el frio, su razon “con calor hay un punto que no te puedes sacar mas ropa, con frio siempre puedes agregar capas!” Yo creci en la patagonia, y se lo que es vivir con los pinguinos. Asi que obviamente prefiero que haga calor.

Want to chime in on the debate? Tell us what you prefer and why! (Answer the poll and leave us a comment 😉 )

Quieres sumarte al debate? Comparte tu opinion y dinos porque. (Contesta la encuenta y dejanos un comentario)

8 responses to “Would you rather….(Nashville heat wave edition!) – Que prefieres?”

  1. Cold is definitely the best. As my dad would always say, “There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” This adage of course breaks down when the only appropriate clothing is inappropriate clothing, i.e. none.

  2. Leslie gave a reason why she prefers cold, so here is mine to prefer hot. Talking to a couple of friends last weekend we agreed that cold weather hurts (bones, hands, ears, nose, etc..) while hot weather doesn’t.

  3. I’d argue, actually, that heat DOES hurt – can anyone argue that getting into your car in this heat wave isn’t a painful experience?!

  4. That’s not pain , that’s uncomfortable. Real pain is getting in a car in the freezing cold, when you have to put your hand in the steering wheel and drive.

  5. In extreme heat, I have to kick my children out of the house in order to have them avoid viewing my nakedness as I parade around the air conditioning vent. That could be traumatic. That in turn makes for additional problems as my children become homeless and must find shelter of their own. Horribly sad.

    In extreme cold weather I can totally sleep like a baby. Just me, 50 pounds of flannel and two down comforters! The kids are allowed in the house and therefore I do not add to the homeless population. No doubt about it. Cold weather for me (and my kids). ; )

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