The older Rodriguez – Chupete

Our eldest son/dog is a 9 months old 50lb. Lab/Beagle/Heeler mix named Chupete. We had his named picked before he was even born. As a soccer fanatic I couldn’t wait to have a dog and name him after my favorite player Humberto “Chupete” Suazo. Chupete actually means lolly-pop in Chile so some people can find the name….cute. This guy is one of the smartest dogs ever, probably because he can’t resist food so he would do ANYTHING! to get a treat.

Nuestro hijo/perro mayor es un kiltro mezcla de Labrador/beagle/heeler de 9 mesesy 25 kilos llamado Chupete. Teniamos el nombre elegido mucho antes de adoptarlo. Como fanatico del futbol, estaba esperando la oportunidad para nombrar a mi mascota como mi jugador favorito Humberto “Chupete” Suazo. Este perro es lo mas inteligente que existe, probablemente por que no puede resistirse a la comida, asi que hace LO QUE SEA! para recibir un bocadillo.

Chupete is super social. He loves to play with other dogs, lick faces, push Choripan around and chew rawhides. After going through puppy training with our amazing trainer Kip Kirby he has developed into a fairly obedient dog…..or at least if he is not obedient he is respectful. We have so much fun teaching him tricks – we really enjoy those moments where we can see in his face that he is trying to figure out what we are asking him to do.  By now he can sit, lie down, stay, go around, shake, and play dead (Leslie’s favorite). We are still struggling to teach him not to jump on people – but there’s not really a treat involved in teaching him that one so maybe that’s why he doesn’t care to learn.

Chupete es muy social. Le encanta jugar con otro perros, lamer caras, molestar a Choripan y morder su hueso. Despues de pasar el primer nivel de entrenamiento, con nuestra incredible entrenadora Kip Kirby, Chupete se ha transformado en un perro bastante obediente…y si no es obediente en el momento, por lo menos respetuoso. Los pasamos muy bien ensenandole trucos. Disfrutamos los momentos en que podemos ver en su cara que esta intentando pensar que es lo que le estamos pidiendo que haga. Ahora se puede sentar, hechar, quedarse quieto, dar la mano, y hacerse el muerto (el truco favorite de Leslie). Todavia tenemos problemas ensenandole a no saltar y apoyarse en la gente.

When Choripan got home, Chupete went through a short phase of confusion (WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS OTHER DOG DOING HERE!!!!!????…he seemed to ask us every time we woke him up in the morning), but now he has figured it out and he looooooves his younger bro. It makes us happy to see him enjoying the large space in the yard and the company of Choripan. We are going through intermediate training with him and soon we will have more news about his education accomplishments!

Cuando Choripan llego a la casa, Chupete paso por una etapa de confusion (QUE CRESTA HACE ESTE PERRO ACA??!! Parecia preguntarme cada manana el pobre Chupete), pero ahora se dio cuenta que todo esta bien y adora a su hermano menor. Nos pone muy contentos verlo disfrutar el patio con la compania de Choripan. Esta semanas estamos hacienda el nivel intermedio de entrenamiento asi que dentro de poco tendremos noticias de sus logros academicos!

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