The Youngest Rodriguez : Choripan

The youngest member of our family is our 4 month old basset hound / beagle mix named Choripan. His name comes from a typical South American food that involves chorizo and bread, like a hot dog. If he could, he would cuddle all day and lick your toes until you can’t breathe anymore (it’s this weird foot fetish thing – I think he gets it from his big bro). We decided to adopt Choripan so our older dog Chupete could have a playmate in the yard. They love each other so much that they wrestle, bark and roll around all the day long – making life much easier for us – and pass out in our laps (or on top of each other) at night.

El miembro mas joven de nuestra familia es un kiltro de 4 meses mezcla entre Basset Hound y Beagle llamado Choripan. Si pudiera, Choripan pasaria todo el dia acurrucado en tus piernas o lamiendo tus dedos hasta que no puedas respirar mas de tanta cosquilla. Decidimos adoptar a Choripan para que Chupete, nuestro otro cachorro, pudiera tener un companero para jugar en el patio. Ellos se quieren tanto que pelean, ladran, y se revuelcan todo el dia para dormirse en nuestras piernas o uno encima del otro en la noche.

Before we got the little guy Leslie and I were hard put to keep Chupete entertained 24/7 so this is a big plus for all of us. Choripan has a very interesting personality. He has realized that he is cute  so he knows that he can get away with some things – especially with guests. He wants to be pet all day and doesn’t care that much (yet) about treats, which has made training him a little more difficult. He is almost totally house trained and he sleeps through the night so I am not complaining about his learning abilities 😉 In his short life this little guy has made us very happy and very scared a couple of times. We love to see him grow and see how he develops his personality. Don’t let him fool you, he looks all cute but Chupete has suffered the sharpness of his puppy teeth and his high pitch bark. I am sure we’ll have plenty of stories to share about the little fellow, in the meantime, check out his pics and let me know if you have any puppy training tips for cute cuddly puppies!

 Choripan tiene una personalidad muy interesante. Descubrio que es tierno asi que trata de aprovecharse cuando puede. Lo unico que quiere es que lo cargues o le hagas carino todo el dia y la verdad es que no le interesan mucho lo “ricos”, lo que hace dificil entrenanrlo a veces. Ya casi aprendio como comportarse en la casa y duerme durante toda la noche, asi que no me quejo de su habilidad para aprender ; ) En su corta vida, el enano nos ha hecho muy felices y nos ha hecho pasar sustos tambien. Nos encanta verlo crecer y ver como se desarrolla su personalidad. Que no te engane, se ve tierno y todo pero Chupete ya sufrio con el filo de sus dientes de cachorro y pito que tiene por ladrido. Estamos seguros que habran miles de historia para contar sobre Choripan, por mientras vean sus fotos y cuentenme si tienen secretos para entrenar cachorros!

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